Cooking Our Goose

“Be just before you are generous.’ – RB Sheridan

President Obama compared the Affordable Care Act to the Apple Corporation the other day while attempting to defend the flailing of the new and expanding health care bureaucracy.  A few days earlier, he had invoked the Runaway Slave Act in a similar confused analogy.  In the frenzy of trying to defend the indefensible, Barak Hussein Obama is starting to sound like Mrs. Malaprop. Unfortunately, Richard Sheridan enriched culture with humor; there’s nothing funny about another inept federal monolith midst a global economy already corrupted by social excess, debt, and deficit spending.

In the first instance, Apple Corporation is a money maker, an unalloyed entrepreneurial success.  Another massive government bureaucracy only consumes, it will not create wealth. Just as surely it will create jobs, another army of inert government apparatchiks, a world where the phrase “public servant’ can never be more than half true.

Steve Jobs actually fired corporate deadwood to reform Apple and return it to profitability. He also furloughed corporate philanthropy until Apple recovered. Comparing Apple to any government agency is a little like confusing apples with onions. Apple servers also handle ten times the traffic of government health care portals, crashing as we speak. 

Federal programs, like public schools, are permanent sinecures with tenure. The Affordable Care Act is not necessarily about health anyway. It’s about politics; winning and losing – and the rewards that victors distribute; in short, another vote buying scheme where taxes and debt are used to reward an expanding base of intemperate dependencies. Who votes against lunch on your neighbor?

What Communists could not achieve by force of arms, social Democrats have won with giveaways and the ballot box.  When you tally government educators, government bureaucrats, and government dependents; more than half the American population is receiving a government check of one sort or another. The folks who actually produce wealth and pay the bills are a shrinking minority.

As comics like to say: “You can’t eliminate poverty by giving people money.” The problem with all wealth distribution schemes, indeed someone else’s money, is that more is never enough.

The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable, nor is it likely to be caring. Were it just or caring, Obamacare would make no exceptions for cronies and political elites. Alas, when the piñatas are exhausted, no one gets paid in “150 different languages”. Indeed, stick a fork in it, our golden goose is almost cooked.


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