Trump Trashing in Europe

February 22, 2017

No stereotype is possible without elements of truth. Some received clichés, however, are more reliable than others. Take Ireland and Germany for example; where journalists shed the guise of civility recently to validate long-standing national tropes, fake Irish piety and residual German fascism.

Ireland’s political and “cultural” magazine, Village, featured a cover with President Trump as a target, with text which argued that Catholic theology justified assassination. Ironically, this argument comes from an islet that still genuflects to the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Over in Germany, Der Spiegel ran a cover showing Trump beheading a bloody Statue of Liberty, suggesting that Trump might kill an infidel or apostate in the Islamic manner.

Tasteless doesn’t begin to describe this variety of fake journalism so much as it reveals cultural truths about the countries of origin, if not validating a host of euro-trash stereotypes.

Culture and politics in Ireland has long been a function of bullets, bombs, alcohol, religious fascism, clerical, pedophilia, and, more recently, anti-Semitism wrapped in a Palestinian keffiyeh.

Indeed, modern Irish history reads like Dante: centuries of religious mayhem, followed by more recent collaboration with European fascists, collusion with Mideast and North African terrorists, and lately a national clerical scandal involving homosexual pedophiles that makes the Boston Catholic archdiocese look like a boy scout retreat.

If you can pardon the analogy, Dublin and the Vatican now have a leg up on Boston. The former Irish Catholic Archbishop of Boston, you may recall, is still closeted in the Vatican to avoid American prosecutors. When Pope Francis was asked about the arrogant gay clique in the Roman Curia itself, he responded: “Who am I to judge?”  This is the same Mario Bergoglio who allowed Fatah terrorists to open an official embassy to the Vatican, in the middle of Europe.

The Village exhumed Saint Thomas Aquinas to justify the charge that Trump is a tyrant. Using Thomism to argue for assassination is a little like blessing a rosary with toilet water. The Irish call their cultural magazine, “Village.” Indeed, small minds in a tight moral space, lest you missed the point.

Ireland was once thought to be the land of saints and scholars, the most Catholic country in Europe. Alas, today Ireland is rated the most anti-Semitic country in Europe, a distinction once held by Germans.

If the subject is gratuitous mayhem or terror, Catholic Ireland and global Islam share the same bloody pedigree.

Not to be outdone by the Irish, Germany now equates emerging American policy with Islamism and terrorists, evoking flashbacks to the Goebbels and Hitler era where Berlin slander and calumny was used to demonize, then exterminate Jews. No small wonder then that a German publisher just released a 21st Century edition of Mein Kampf as if 20th Century Europe didn’t get enough Hitler.

Under Angela Merkel, Germany is more Goebbels than Goethe. Apparently, you can ban the National Socialist party in Berlin whilst not exorcising the Nazi weevil from the German psyche.

Take Merkel’s “open borders” policy and subsequent Muslim migrant blitz. No head of state in the EU has done more for terror, fear, appeasement, jihad, Islamic religious fascism, and continental instability than the German chancellor.

If the EU is going the way of the Holy Roman Empire, no single individual is more culpable than “Angela.” Indeed, if common sense security is at risk in Europe, the angel of death rides on Merkel’s broom.

And if the subject is fascism, Merkel and Berlin get high marks again for cultural consistency. In two world wars, Germany sponsored Arab and Muslim fascists in Palestine and more recently in a crumbling Yugoslavia. Muslim Bosnia and Muslim Kosovo now provide more fighters to the Islamic State than any other European country. Historical German secular fascism and now Islamic religious fascism are mutts from the same litter.

Merkel is not without consequential EU collaborators. European Council president Donald Tusk calls the new American administration a “threat” after only two weeks in office.  French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, channeling the Vichy meme of yore, says that France is going to have to “learn to live with (Islamic) terrorism.”

A better question might be; who wants to live in a European Union that might evolve into an Islamic caliphate?

Valls may be prescient nevertheless. Angela Merkel is probably overcompensating for Hitler, ignoring the religious fascism of Persians, Arabs, and Islam at large. Taking cues from Berlin, the greater danger now is arrogance, spite, and panic at the EU Council.

Most of the loose talk about Nazis and fascists is an attempt to make a hysterical European left appear to be victims. Social democrats in today’s Europe are linear descendants of totalitarian Communists and fascist National Socialists. The bottom line in Brussels, unfortunately, is still Big Brother and the nanny state.

Since WW II, the usual coercion and violence on the left has been ameliorated by sugar teat dependency. As social democracies run out of other people’s money, and gullible voters, socialist mayhem should resume in earnest.

Meanwhile, religious reinforcements arrive daily from the Ummah. Brussels, led by Berlin, makes the continental jihad possible. Kulturkampf  in Germany is now schadenfreude for the remnants of civilization in the West.

Unfortunately, poetic justice does hold a candle to just war.

Indeed, the EU is more hospitable to Muslim migrants than is the Arab League or the Organization of Islamic States. Islam is happy, if not eager, to export religious dogma and Islamic politics to a submissive  West. Both terror and callous indifference to Islamic migrants/ refugees makes islamophobia possible.

Muslim state failure to aid Islam’s victims gives life to every stereotype about jihad and the abject moral inferiority of global Islamic politics.

Generalizations about European culture, Irish and German especially, are probably as valid as any contemporary stereotypes about Muslims. Difficult as it is to imagine the shamrock and the swastika as allies, behavior and cultural beggary make such wingmen possible.

The European Union began as a promising economic condominium. Over time, EU chauvinism and NATO imperialism upstaged mercantile considerations. EU political and NATO military expansion preceded apace, consequences be damned. Having escaped the bounds of original intent and prudence, the EU is now thought to be imperial, an enemy to the safety and sovereignty of EU member states.

Brexit and Donald Trump may be two too late for a European Union paralyzed by arrogance and denial.

Since World War II, Europe has at once become captive to spendthrift social democracies, colonial guilt, globalist phantasies, and a kind of communal imperialism that diminishes real Muslim threats with appeasement and invents Russian thugs to rationalize a bigger EU and a larger NATO.

To blame any of this on Donald Trump, confuses effects with causes. Or as a Cassius put it, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”


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February 16, 2017

“…never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.” – John Donne

Trump haters have drawn first blood. Michael Flynn was the first casualty. General Flynn could come back into the fold at some later date. Exile, followed by reprieve might be something Donald Trump would do.

Alas, for the moment, the President doesn’t look like he can take a punch. The entire “sanctions” kerfuffle, conversations with the Russian ambassador, is inside baseball stuff.  Nobody cares much about sanctions, Beltway candor or character anyway.

If every lawyer/politician in DC was fired for mendacity, Washington would be a ghost town.

Flynn was outed by a rabid press corps with a seditious agenda. Trump has been blooded. Sadly, Trump didn’t cut his losses. Like the man he replaced, the President simply folded like a cheap tent.

Adding insult to injury, Flynn, like Steve Bannon, is probably anathema to every Obama era hack hired by Trump to date. The establishment has no taste for parvenus.

Mike Flynn, of course, had his share of baggage, but if the truth be told, he was low hanging fruit, an exposed position that the new Commander-in-Chief chose not to defend. The tone is set at the top.

You can fib to anyone in D.C., but the home office. Being called to account for candor by the Washington Post or CNN is a little like getting a chastity pitch from one of Marion Barry’s hookers.

The so called “trust” issue is a hoot too. No soldier was more loyal to Trump in 2016. Indeed, Flynn was one of a precious few prominent Intelligence officials or flag officers, active or retired, to make Trump possible.

Fibbing is a venial sin. Support for Donald Trump is literally a mortal sin.

Flynn knows that the real threat isn’t Russia. Flynn knows that Islamism is the real danger. Flynn knows that Israel is our only reliable ally in a very nasty neighborhood. Flynn knows where the bodies are buried in a bloated and hostile US national security establishment, DOD and the Intelligence Community in particular.

Flynn knows too that the national security community has unsheathed the long knives. Leaked intelligence is a two way street. Oddly enough, Trump doesn’t seem to realize that he too, like Flynn, is on the regime change hit list after just a few weeks in office.

Political pathology at Intelligence agencies like CIA is not confined to domestic machinations.

Shortly after his anointment, Mike Pompeo rushed off to Saudi Arabia to give Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, an award for “counter terrorism.”  Ironically, the award is named after former CIA director George Tennent who you may recall was the author of the fake intelligence that underwrote two fake wars in Iraq.

If CIA can honor the ideological authors of 9/11 with a medal, the revised edition of Mein Kampf should be in the mix for a 2017 Pulitzer Prize.

Clinton, Bush, and Obama have had a quarter century to pack Washington sinecures with like-minded drones. Politically correct, largely liberal, District of Columbia zombies and media partisans will not go quietly into the night.

To such, Flynn was as dangerous as he was expendable. Indeed, the general is now an ugly precedent too, a loyal chump hung out to dry by Trump era Intelligence leakers.

Adding insult to bizarre injury, we now hear that David Petraeus is a candidate to replace Flynn. You might recall that Petraeus was the Obama flag who had a yen for bimbo subordinates. Before that, he was the intellectual godfather of three decades of losing strategy in the Ummah. Petraeus still believes that the global Muslim jihad is a basket of unrelated local insurgencies.

If any name says more of the same, it is General David Petraeus.

Back on team Trump, Steve Bannon is probably next on the hit list. If the new President is naive enough to expect a partisan CIA or FBI to be honest brokers in any leak investigations, he needs to go back to selling condos.

By any measure Donald Trump is an odd duck; not a lawyer, not a politician, and, apparently, not very savvy about the flora and fauna that breeds in the Washington swamp.

The General Flynn fiasco was never about Putin, Russians, sanctions, trust, or candor. The Flynn hit is merely the specter of Trump’s future.

Flynn, like Trump, was in the crosshairs from the very beginning because neither one of them wears a fuchsia pantsuit. The President won a hard election and now loses an easy round one to seditious Beltway louts who know how to hit below the belt. Hard to believe that even a novice CEO can be that naïve.

If any moron at NSA or CIA can drop a dime to the Washington Post and get someone fired, team Trump is in for a thrashing.

Looming hazards to Trump are not so much his rubber knees or glass jaw as it is his future as a populist. The people are a fickle bunch. Early events suggest that Trump might not have anybody’s back but his own.

If loyalty is not a two-way street, then all bets on Donald Trump, or real change in the nation’s capital, are off


For a more detailed analysis of the Flynn affair see Eli Hunt at