The author is a native of the Bronx, Vietnam veteran, and former Intelligence officer. He is a graduate of Iona College, USC, and the Air War College. He has served at least one tour at the larger US intelligence agencies. He is a former senior USAF research fellow at the RAND Corporation, Santa Monica,  and former Director of Research and Russian Studies (nee Soviet Awareness), ACS/I, HQ USAF. His work appears in many military, intelligence, and strategic journals.

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  1. FRED MEDERO says:


  2. Henry Durkin says:

    Read your Aug 22 piece in American Thinker and saw your Hayes affiliation. Me, too, Class of 1958. Ah, the splendid days of Msgr Fleming and Fr Jablonski ! Teachers I especially remember were Fr Harry Heck (Physics) and Fr George Tiffany (American History) + Brother Carl (German). Thereafter I went to Fordham and majored in German (my original birth language) and got a scholarship for one year in Deutschland (Bonn U).

    Keep up your great writing. Thanks for your military service and don’t forget to gavarit po russki!

  3. Thanks, Fred. You are too kind. GMD

  4. Christopher J. Daly MD says:

    As a Queens raised kid and Regis (59) grad, I wondered how a Jesuit made it up to Cardinal Hayes. Otherwise I agree with your premises. I had two uncles-one of whom hated FDR for what he did to shaft Al Smith, the other loved himbecause he failed to realize that FDR prolonged the Depression by his policies. Politics was never discussed around the Holiday dinner table with those two present.
    Conservatively yours,
    Christopher J. Daly MD FACS

  5. There were many clerics on the Hayes faculty in my day, Chris. Father Ed Reynolds, a relative of mine, was one of them. Cheers.

  6. iranaware1 says:

    Greetings, nice page..

  7. Jean Clink says:

    I have this page up, I think because I heard you speaking on Benghazi and came looking for your writing on it. Perhaps you have something in the works?

  8. Great analysis. Many thanks for your work. Would like to meet sometime if you’re ever in DC or NYC.

  9. Hi Mr. Donovan,

    My name is Sherrie McKnight. I am the radio producer for The Thomas Hayes-Morrison Show. We just read your article titled, Nielsen and the Wasteland and I see that you have written many other interesting articles as well. I would like to invite you to be a guest on the show with Tom.

    We air weekdays LIVE on The Star 99.5 in North Florida as well as stream live nationally. Briefly, as you consider this invitation, Tom is a West Point/Harvard Business School graduate. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and business consultant. In addition, Tom teaches business, economics and political science at City College in Gainesville, Florida.

    If you are interested in joining us on the air, please contact me directly at 561-301-9316 or sherrie@thmshow.com. If you would like to check out our website, it is: http://www.thmshow.com

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this Mr. Donovan.

    Sherrie McKnight

  10. Tom Hoy says:

    discovered you by accident on AT you are fantasic with your Bronx. Sarcastic humor. I am a Hayes Man class of ’60. I didn’t have the sense to leave NYC like you, and spent 40 years on the NYPD and FDNY. One night after being injured at a fire I was awaiting to see a Dr at Columbia Presbyterian hospital, I looked up to see this hulking figure standing over me.’ Even though I thought I was a tough guy I almost wet my pants for this was the same guy who gave me permanent “jug”- it was “Jabo” who was visiting me as a FD chaplain. He had mellowed and was very pleasant. I guess you can’ t be seen as a weinie when dealing with 3,500 know it all teenagers. Keep on with you excellent work. UP HAYES

  11. Tom Symonds says:

    I saw an article about “Psychobabble” and knew instantly who the author was. Glad to see you’re still active, Murph. Best wishes from one of your old FANX analysts.

  12. octavian61 says:

    The best blog around. Tells it like it really is. Raised in Washington Heights. Immigrated here in ’64 at the ripe old age of 3 yrs old. Kiss the ground I walk on, which is this great, beloved country. When I read your articles, a quote from Cicero always comes to mind. “…a strange madness is abroad…”

  13. Your analysis of Trump is on target..a former OCS classmate & friend sent me your analysis of Trump…which is on target.
    I feel not only jealousy rules the school but he is NOT intimidated
    by media nor is his hand out…
    All those who continue to crow that he will fold are delusional.
    I think he speaks in language that most Americans can relate to
    unlike the GOP establishment in Washington that his offered promises they never intended to keep.
    Finally I see you were in VN…I served during and following VN
    and my father, a 30+ year Navy officer was an adviser in I Corps from 66 to 74…so very familiar with VN…and today we continue to tie our military’s hands behind their back in rules of engagement as Washington did during VN..I attended intel briefs which featured maps with considerable OFF LIMITS despite fact we knew heavy
    enemy infiltration…sadly nothing changes does it?

  14. Eric says:

    Mr. Donovan,

    You stated, “[It] was Powell’s disingenuous presentation to the United Nations which justified the second Iraq war and subsequent occupation. The difference between the strategy of George Bush senior and his son is this question of occupation or presence on Muslim soil after, or if, the shooting subsides.” (Vinegar Joe, New English Review, November 2010)

    To set the record straight, I invite your review of my explanation of the grounds for Operation Iraqi Freedom, which covers those issues and more. (Eg, President Bush’s decision for the OIF occupation is consistent with President HW Bush’s Gulf War ceasefire enforcement.)

    Excerpt from the preface:
    “Here is my latest attempt to set the record straight on Operation Iraqi Freedom by synthesizing the primary sources of the mission, including the Gulf War ceasefire UN Security Council resolutions that set the “governing standard of Iraqi compliance” (UNSCR 1441), the US law and policy to “bring Iraq into compliance with its international obligations” (P.L. 105-235), the conditions and precedents that set the stage for OIF, and the determinative fact findings of Iraq’s breach of ceasefire that triggered enforcement, to explain the law and policy, fact basis – i.e., the why – of the decision for OIF.”

    • Thanks Eric, sorry about the delay. As an old school Intel hand, I tend to be cynical about reasons proferred as opposed to reasons probative. The best evidence of shenanigans was Powell’s week-long sequester with the then CIA Cirector at Langley just before the Secretary’s presentation at the UN. Clearly Powell wasn’t buying the “evidence.” He got rolled anyway and has pretty much admitted as much since.

  15. DBActual says:

    Mr. Donovan,

    As a 90’s kid (I refuse to accept the moniker of millennial that many seem all to willing to throw at me) raised in a household that instilled in me, among other things, the seemingly anachronistic values of independent thought, the search for the truth, and a knowledge of history; I want to say it is a pleasure to read your work. Having recently moved to the swamp, I have been in need of good council and information similar to that which comes from those in my background, whom I now see with significantly less regularity. Your blog/other work, along with a few other sources, has been helpful in filling that gap and furthering my own search. The fight to separate the facts from the noise is ongoing, and your writing helps. Please keep it up, your work is appreciated.

  16. Thanks, DB. Intelligence is interesting, but not always a uplifting as other professions might be. Nonetheless, as JFK once said, if we don’t get the national security thing correct, then nothing else much matters. Compassion is necessary, but only success is sufficient.

  17. Phil Desjardins says:

    Call me. I’m in the book, Phil Desjardins, L a Mesa, ca

  18. Phil Desjardins says:

    619 670 9824

  19. Phil Desjardins says:

    It’s a whistle blower by committee, I Have a couple of candidates, guesses. Phil

  20. Kent S. Wilcox says:

    a new reader, I enjoyed your Am Thinker piece today. disagree Re McClellan based on recent study of Sec. Stanton’s incessant interference designed, it seems, to destroy McClellan.
    Facts, as opposed to gratuitous assertions, are indeed stubborn things.
    P.s. my new book: Lost History of Washington and Lee ( not pg turner, just the facts and the errors.)

    • Thanks, Kent. I’m sure you are correct, but I was trying to make a point about flags not cabinet officers. McClellan’s correspondence reveals an animus that goes way beyond policy disagreements. Cheers.

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