January 5, 2017

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” – Orwell

Much of what Donald Trump said during the 2016 campaign seemed to be braggadocio, bombast, and on occasion, a kind of non-specific cranial buzz. Still, if you listened carefully, and ignored the ambient noise, there was always a message in most of his rhetoric; signals that were usually lost or ignored by a smug and hostile Fourth Estate.

Trump’s Signals

Immigration is a problem. Neither Mexicans nor Muslims are ideal immigrants, yet the former are to be preferred over the latter. The left coast and Hollywood, ironically, might fall into the sea without cheap labor and drugs from Mexico.

The East Coast is little better. Washington, DC is corrupt, a haven for patronizing, condescending, elite apparatchiks, right and left.

The DNC was trying to cook the Democrat Party primaries and general election. The press, broadcast networks, CPB, and the Intelligence Community get honorable mention as sous chefs.

The gruesome foursome now rationalizes defeat as a Russian conspiracy. Vladimir Putin put it best, “The American party that calls itself ‘democratic’ seems to have forgotten what democracy means.”

The Clintons are shameless frauds. Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for high office. Her loss is the country’s gain.

The Pentagon along with the Intelligence Community are not sacred cows; bovine, expensive, and proliferate maybe, but not sacred.

The EU and NATO, like Swedish hippy communes, might be globalist or Utopian experiments gone horribly wrong. Allies who will not pay or play should not stay. All coalitions, like sausage, have a sell-by date.

America needs to rethink foreign policy; towards Israel, towards Europe, towards Russia, and towards an irredentist Muslim world. Ideology and culture matter.

Russian alarm about NATO expansion is justified. Demonizing Russia, or isolating it from Europe, is strategic madness.

Recent trade deals favor foreigners. America has swapped jobs, core industrial skills, agricultural and industrial safety for a pocket full of domestic mumbles.

Obama’s only real claims to legacy are a failed health care boondoggle, a Muslim world in flames, and a touch of melanin, the latter a glass half-full at best.

American media, and the Intelligence Community, are not objective reporters anymore, if they ever were. Fake partisan news and propaganda are now joint ventures. The US State Department, for example, is now, by law, the official host to an American “Ministry of Truth” funded by defense appropriations.

Trump is correct also about the Washington, DC swamp. It needs to be drained.

Sooner is better.

Signals and Noise

During the 2016 primaries and election campaign, party elites and a sycophantic media engineered a gauntlet for Trump that ran from ridicule, to contempt, to hostility, to vindictiveness. All of which are now reduced to childish tantrums. Ironically, Michelle Obama claims that the White House needs “adult” (sic) leadership. Surely, given the post-election behavior of camp Clinton/Obama and the American left, she cannot be thinking of her husband, his spokesmen, his cabinet, or the Democrat Party.

How is the eleventh hour vote against Israel at the UN anything but juvenile or petulant rage? How is the 11th hour expulsion of Russian diplomats anything but adolescent sour grapes?

In any campaign, data and statistics are manipulated for advantage. The 2016 election might be a case study. Hard to believe that all that polling and all those statistical forecasts could have been so universally wrong without someone cooking the books.

Feint signals from the real world since the Trump victory provide anecdotal hints of a cultural sea change. Disparate icons such as Clint Eastwood and Henry Kissinger may not have been all in for Trump but both have made sober, if not optimistic, assessments of the next administration.

We know what Eastwood thinks after decades of millennial political correctness. And Dr. Kissinger says that Donald Trump represents an “extraordinary opportunity.”


The great failing of statistical analysis is that it seldom accommodates relevant factors which cannot be conveniently quantified. Such analysis will often ignore inconvenient truths too, arithmetic that might not support expected outcomes.

Trump campaign rallies were an example. Big Trump numbers were largely ignored whilst Mrs. Clinton’s often anemic attendance figures were seldom revealed. One day in Florida, a couple of Tim Kaine rallies had to be cancelled due to an interest deficit while a Trump rally a few miles away was drawing thousands.

The national TV networks could not believe their lying eyes. Minor anti-Trump protests might make the evening news, but huge enthusiasm gaps were seldom covered in any detail. Every good spin master knows that books are cooked with two sets of numbers, select facts and facts that are ignored altogether.

The old saw that claims “figures don’t lie, but liars still figure” comes to mind. Just as the Fourth Estate missed or misconstrued numbers and facts in the campaign, there are now some significant signals in post-election statistics, numbers that team Trump ignore at their peril.

Blue Wall Moves To Washington

The District of Columbia and surrounding bedroom communities in Virginia and Maryland supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 by wide margins. This is the federal government demographic; bureaucrats, contractors, and a host of camp followers living off the taxpayer dime.

The socialist heart of the left is still beating in Big Brother’s crib. Neither Pennsylvania Avenue nor the District of Columbia and suburbs is Trump country.

Mythology runs neck-to-neck with fake news in Washington. The non-partisan myth is the most pervasive, the shibboleth that suggests that the civil service, Foreign Service, the Intelligence Community, or defense officials are impartial, political eunuchs. In fact, the size of the federal behemoth, deficit spending and debt, is a function of entrenched socialist illusions, a bond that unites both political parties.

Bigger is always better inside the Beltway. Few souls get to, or thrive in, any federal office by arguing for less of anything.

District of Columbia voting habits are probative. Over 90 percent of the presidential vote in 2016 went to Democrats. Less than one in ten supported Trump. The District is half white and half black, yet both liberal demographics preferred Hillary Clinton. When Trump comes to town, the Beltway will be the new blue wall of active/passive political aggressors; a blue wall of press, politicians, apparatchiks, non-profits, lobbies, and associated contractors.

The DC civil service cohort and associated camp followers are many things. Good loser isn’t one of them. Trump has his work cut out in the capital and it begins with bureaucratic hostility and inertia.

Still, the president elect has the edge coming in. His critics continue to underestimate or misconstrue Trump and his game. Trump plays politics like the Patriots play football.

The best defense is good offensive – and stout leadership.

Trump’s early appointments are significantly offensive! The generals have landed. No accident that Marines are leading the charge. Battles to breach the new blue wall, the DC Beltway, and “make America great again,” will require more than a little hand-to-hand street fighting.

A new year indeed! Whether or not 2017 is “happy,” remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, America says God speed to the Trump beach head and Semper Fidelis to those valiant centurions on point in DC.

Take no prisoners!

Previously published in the American Thinker


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Trump’s Trump

October 2, 2015

Donald Trump is a piece of work even by New York standards: tall, white, loud, brash, entrepreneurial, successful, rich, ruthlessly candid, well-dressed, and fond of heterosexual women. He has married at least three delicious ladies in fact. Trump has five children and seven grandchildren. Indeed, his progeny are well above average too, smartly groomed, photogenic, and successful to boot.

As far as we know, Donald does not have any tattoos, piercings, unpaid taxes, or under-aged bimbo interns. He is not a drunk or a junkie either. Trump projects and enterprises probably employ more folks than the NYC school system – or the United Nations.

You could say that Trump is living the life, not the life of Riley, but more like big Daddy Warbucks with a comb over. “The Donald,” as one ex-wife calls him, is not just living the American dream. Trump is the dream – and proud of it.

You could do worse than think of Trump as upwardly mobile blue collar. He is the grandson of immigrants and the product of Long island, a Queens household, and a Bronx education. The Donald survived the Jesuits of Fordham University for two years before migrating to finish his baccalaureate at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

When readers of the New York Times, The New Yorker, and the New York Review of Books speak of “the city”, they are not talking about the Queens or the Bronx.  Growing and schooling in the blue collar boroughs gives Trump a curb level perspective, something seldom found in Manhattan. Or as any “D” Train alumnus might put it, Trump has “a pretty good Bravo Sierra detector.”

So what’s not to like about Donald Trump? He doesn’t just stay in four star hotels. He builds them. He doesn’t just own luxury condominiums. He makes them. He doesn’t just own historic buildings. He restores them. He doesn’t just eat at the best restaurants. He creates them. He just doesn’t belong to the best country clubs, he builds those too.

And Donald Trump, unlike the Manhattan/Washington fantasy Press and every Beltway political pimp, doesn’t just pay lip service to a bigger and better economy, he creates micro-economies every day.

The only thing we don’t know about Donald Trump is why he would like to immigrate to the District of Columbia.

In any case, the merits of entrepreneurs like Trump might best be defined by the character or motives of his critics. Trump detractors are for the most part “B” list politicians, ambulance chasers, and a left-leaning Press corps that lionizes the likes of Nina Totenberg, Dan Rather, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, and Brian Williams.

If the truth were told, most of Trump’s critics are jealous, envious of his wealth – and they loath his candor.  Donald might also be hated for what he is not. Trump is not a lawyer, nor is he a career politician who lives on the taxpayer dime. Trump is paying for his own campaign. Bernie, Barack, McCain, and Kerry could take enterprise lessons from a chap like Trump.

Unlike most government barnacles, Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time. He knows how to close a deal and build something. He is a net creator, not consumer, of a kind of wealth that provides “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for Americans – real jobs not feather merchants.

Today, Trump has nothing left to prove. Yet, success has allowed him the rarest of public privileges, an electoral pulpit and the courage to speak his mind. Alas, truth is not necessarily a political asset in a socialized democracy.

Indeed, the erstwhile presidential candidate stepped on his crank recently by suggesting that Mexico, already exporting dangerous drugs, cheap tomatoes, and even cheaper labor, was also exporting violent felons to the US.

Truth hurts! Trump’s rude candor is underwritten by nearly half a million illegal felons in American jails. Coincidently, events have conspired to support Trump’s take on Mexican dystopia with the El Chapo Guzman jailbreak and the murder of Kathryn Steinle by Francisco Sanchez.

Senor Sanchez sported a lengthy criminal record and had been deported on four previous occasions. San Francisco, a “sanctuary” city, failed to honor existing warrants and released Sanchez from jail just before he blew Kathy Steinle away.

As serendipity would have it, Trump then went to Phoenix on 12 July and gave a stem winder to a sell-out crowd on the subject of illegal immigration. Senator John McCain was not pleased to have Donald on Arizona’s front lawn and intemperately called Trump supporters “crazies.” Trump returned fire saying that McCain was no hero.

Here again Trump cut to the quick, pointing out that no one qualifies as a hero because he was shot down or captured. Indeed, being a hostage in North Vietnam is not necessarily heroic either. McCain is thought by some to be a heroic because he refused to accept an early release.

In fact, the Hanoi parole offer was a ruse, a Hobson’s choice, designed to embarrass McCain and his father at CINCPAC.

If McCain took the parole and abandoned his fellow POWs, he would have shamed his father and been ostracized by shipmates. Indeed, had John McCain not been the son and grandson of famous, and victorious, Pacific Command flag officers, no one would have noticed him then or now.

Few of the demagogues who have come to John McCain’s defense could name any of the 600 Vietnam-era POWs other than McCain. McCain is famous today because he, like John Kerry, has parlayed a very average Vietnam military service into a three decade political sinecure.

We know of 50,000 Vietnam veterans that might be more deserving than John McCain. Unfortunately, they died in a war that generals couldn’t win and politicians couldn’t abide. A body bag seldom gets to play the “hero.”

McCain is no political hero either.

He is famously ambiguous on domestic issues like immigration. He is also a Johnny-come-lately to Veterans Administration rot which has metastasized as long as McCain has been in office. On foreign policy, McCain is a Victoria Nuland era crackpot, supporting East European coups, playing cold warrior, and posturing with neo-Nazis in Kiev. McCain pecks at Putin too because the Senate, like the Obama crew, hasn’t a clue about genuine threats like the ISIS jihad or the latest Islam bomb.

To date, Trump has run a clever campaign. He is chumming, throwing red meat and blood into campaign waters and all the usual suspects are in a feeding frenzy. McCain, the Press, the Left, and the Republican establishment all have something to say about “the Donald.” It is truly amazing how cleverly Trump manages to manipulate the establishment.

If you are trying to sell an idea or a candidacy, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Who knows where the Trump campaign goes? For the moment, he has scored direct hits on Mexico and McCain. With El Capo on the loose again, every time a toilet flushes in Sinaloa, Mexican garbage is likely spill out in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle. Indeed, it’s hard to believe that the Left Coast could survive without cheap labor, pistileros, meth, coke, heroin, or weed. Necrotic immigration and its byproducts are ready made targets for a gunslinger like Trump.

Trump is no bigot. He probably employs more Latinos and Blacks than Enrique Peña Nieto or Barack Obama. In his own way, Donald Trump is both immigrant and POW, a refugee from Queens and still a prisoner of Wharton. “The Donald” is the dude, the guy with babes and a role of Benjamins that would choke a shark. He is the wildly successful capitalist that some of us love to hate.

Before democratic socialism, success and effectiveness were measures of merit. It doesn’t take much insight to compare Trump’s various enterprises with federal programs. Public education, banking oversight, public housing slums, poverty doles, veteran’s fiascos, internal revenue hijinks, and even some Defense Department procurement programs are consensus failures. The F-35 “Lightning” fighter is an illustration, arguably the most expensive single DOD boondoggle in history. Pentagon progressives seldom win a cat fight these days, but they still spend like sailors.

If and when Trump fails, he is out of business.

In Trump’s world, failure has consequences.  In contrast, Washington rewards failure with better funding. Indeed, generational program failure is now a kind of perverse incentive for Beltway politicians and apparatchiks to throw good money at failed programs.

The difference between Trump and McCain should be obvious to any fair observer; Trump has done something with his talents. McCain, in contrast, is coasting on a military myth and resting on the laurels of Senatorial tenure.

Any way you look at it, Donald Trump is good for national politics, good for democracy, good for America, and especially good for candor. If nothing else, “the Donald” may help Republicans to pull their heads out of that place where the sun seldom shines.


The author had two tours in Vietnam as a junior officer and subsequently served as command Intelligence briefer in Hawaii where he updated CINCPAC, John McCain’s father, on POW matters.



Bishop Romney?

March 1, 2012

“Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.” – Langston Hughes

The American presidential debates this year have often resembled circular firing squads, aided and abetted by a generous Republican establishment.  John McCain and Elliot Abrams have redefined bipartisanship; both seem to be doing opposition research for the Democratic National Committee. Each has provided some swell one-liners for an Obama Gatling gun should any Republicans survive. Yes, the entire elephant herd may be gone by the time the general election rolls around. So in the interests of common sense and economy, the 2012 election should be cancelled so America can get on with the quest for some pot in every pan. Do the math!

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a good news/bad news chap. He’s very sensible on budgetary or domestic issues and a true believer in smaller government and the need to scrape social barnacles. Unfortunately, he’s up in a kind of Jimmy Carter ozone when it comes to foreign policy.

Paul’s suggestions to end all those untidy little wars or close bases in the Ummah are all very sound, yet he’s alienating the Muslim vote by complicating their targeting program. IUD’s don’t travel well and a self immolating Islamist is not likely to encourage his American brethren to vote Republican.

Anyway, Paul still looks like a nerd from the RAND Corporation. Unfortunately, elections are, among other things, beauty contests and he could be the guy who had trouble getting a date for the prom. Ron won’t make it. Looks matter.

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich does not  make the cut either. His parents are mostly to blame. Who names a child Newt? If you’re going to name your kids after slippery critters; why not something dignified like “Escargot?” Americans, even Georgia Republicans, seldom vote for amphibians.

On the plus side, Newt is a fearless orator and an accomplished inside-the-beltway knife fighter. Unfortunately, he has way too many academic degrees and comes across like a pedantic Trojan horse. Scratch an academic and you usually find a guy who voted for Ted Kennedy or Eliot Spitzer.

As a kind of Republican Mister Bluster, Newt’s mouth, if we can mix a metaphor, may be his Achilles hell. He might forget his foot someday, raise his sights, and put a round through that fluff above his necktie. And Gingrich fancies himself a historian. At no time in American history has there been a greater need, or opportunity, for a politician who has amnesia. Newt’s not that guy.

Mitt Romney

If Gingrich were an amphibian, Mitt Romney would be a gastropod – or maybe just Harry Reid’s evil twin. If you thought the first bishop to run for US president would be an Episcopalian or a Baptist, you have not been reading the Deseret News of Salt Lake City, as good a fish wrap as you’ll find out West. That’s Deseret not “desert.” Mahatma Gandhi once said; “Those who would separate religion from politics do not understand either.” Indeed.

Orin Hatch, Harry Reid, and the Republican front runner for 2012 are all Mormon Bishops in good standing. As you try to wrap your mind around “senator” and “bishop,” in the same sentence; think Harry Reid; former gambling commissioner and Latter Day Saints (LDS) high priest of “sin city;” and now Senate Majority Leader. When Bishop Reid reigned in  Las Vegas, gambling morphed into “gaming” which is a little like calling road kill a road tax.  Las Vegas is now overdeveloped and underwater; Christians are cheering and the hookers are moving up to Utah.

This is not to tar mainstream Mormons with gambling or the smutch of the world’s other oldest profession. Clearly, temple ties to these antique trades are incidental – or just profitable. Indeed, the cartoon faces on slot machines have the potential to make millions of gentiles believe that vice is nice.

At some point in the run-up to the election, some bigot is bound to say the “P” word, so best we deal with the polygamy issue early. To understand  the saints, one must appreciate the great divide; a world separated into so-called mainstream Mormons (aka streamers) and plural marriage crackers (aka polygs – a colloquialism for polygamist, pronounced ‘poo-legs’). The polygs are sometimes known as fundamentalist saints (FLDS)

Distinguishing the two is easy. A streamer will have one wife, two houses, three cars, and a lift pass for Deer Valley. A polyg will have three to six wives, one house, and a pick-up truck.  Lapsed, excommunicated or non-tithing saints are called “Jack—-s” – the second syllable is always silent. You might recall Fawn McKay Brodie; the apostate Joseph Smith biographer who was excommunicated for making too many rude inquiries about these matters.

Visible saints like Mitt, Orin, or Harry are brethren in “good standing” i.e. one who tithes. Temple pews are reserved for the 60% who cough up the ten percent. Main streamers are saved and go to heaven. The Jacks, well, they have to make do with an ‘83 Ford 150 and a six pack of pokes – in this world. Back in day, before saints closed the saloons out West, a “poke” was a bag of gold dust on the bar; today, in rural Zion, the whisky’s gone and a poke is a …well, you get the idea. If the truth be told, jack polygs are closer to Joe Smith (34 wives) and Brig Young (53 wives) than they are to the Reid and Romney crowd.

And voters can not expect senators or bishops to police the illicit proclivities of zealots and apostates in rural Zion. The tithing majority and  clergy are no more responsible for plural marriage, “lost boys,” or child brides than Catholics are responsible for priapic priests. Fair is fair! The prophets of Salt Lake  don’t know any more about child abuse than the Archbishops of Boston.

And let’s put those cult rumors to bed. The brethren of Salt Lake are the antithesis of a cult; in fact, most temples are the world’s first successful, self-loading, safety deposit boxes.  Church boodle isn’t wasted on deadbeats either. “I’m not concerned about the very poor” says Mitt to underline the point. Indeed, the lion’s share of church “charity” propagates the faith – as it should be.

And no bishop, like Mitt Romney, needs to explain why Joseph Smith compared Mormons to Muslims when he exclaimed: “I will be to this generation a second Muhammed, whose motto … was ‘the Al-Qur’an or the sword.’ So shall it be with us.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Volume 3:167). No matter what the prophet might have said, any similarities between M&Ms are coincidental.

Mitt Romney’s most unique asset is his ability to make conservative voters feel queasy while he makes Barak Obama look good. Strike three, Bishop!

Rick Santorum

Senator Santorum never got to be a Catholic priest, but he may be the most clueless candidate on the stump this year. In a few short months, he has alienated men who fancy men, the American Kennel Club, selfish urban white women, and all those African Americans girls who will never matriculate at Brigham Young University.

Any politician who compares men and canines insults a single breed of men and all breeds of dogs. Senator, dogs always practice safe sex! With the exception of pit bulls, mainstream dogs seldom need a condom. And when dogs have sex, they don’t transmit anything but puppies. This probably explains why a Golden Retriever is a bigger draw in Washington Square than the Village People. Comparisons of men and dogs are too odious as they diminish the roles of straight women and gerbils in the dating game.

And then there’s Santorum’s abortion nonsense. How is a Mexican ever to graduate from weed whacker to the White House if liberal urban black and white women don’t trim their litters? Duh! A fetus can’t vote. Let’s face it, a 60% abortion rate for big city (NYC) blacks and a 40% rate for whites doesn’t get it. Only when these gals get their abortion numbers up to 75% and 50% respectively will a Gonzales find enough votes to make it off the lawn and into the Oval Office.

Rick, you’ve been a hoot, but it’s buenas noches. You will never reach the folks in Manhattan,Key West, or Tijuana. But thanks for the laughs.

Cheers for Four More Years

So there you have it. There are no good Republican prospects. This year, the presidential election, in the interests of economy, ought to be cancelled. Barack Hussein Obama should be coronated by acclamation.

Heck, the Oval Office should emulate the Congress. Do away with presidential term limits too. Just think of the rap potential: “Turn back the clock for Papa Doc Barak.”

Salt and pepper socialism indeed! A progressive white mother got Obama to Pennsylvania Avenueand a traditional deadbeat African father gives him street credibility. Could there be a better incarnation of American values and diversity? And this time around, Michelle could grace the inauguration as a natural – maybe sport some platinum blond extensions.


G. Murphy Donovan writes frequently about politics and national security. He never reads hate mail. This essay appeared in the February 2012 edition of the New English Review.