Hillary’s Jewels

April 21, 2015

You might think of political assets like the family jewels, things inherited but not necessarily merited. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a virtual hope chest, an endowment like no other politician in American history. Her first gift was the coat tails of a priapic husband who was twice elected President courtesy of Ross Perot. Her second windfall was a cabinet post, a kind of consolation prize after she lost the 2008 Democrat Primary to Barack Obama.

Four years at Foggy Bottom and a million frequent flyer miles later, Mrs. Clinton was able to twerk over Muammar Gadhafi’s grave and watch Libya descend into the sewer of failed Muslim states.

Celebrating the Gadhafi kill in Libya

Celebrating the Gadhafi kill in Libya

The Clinton/Kerry tag team at Foggy Bottom has an American foreign policy record unblemished by success. Having checked the gravitas box at State Department, Hillary wrote an anthem for Benghazi and a slogan for her presidential campaign: “What difference does it make?”

Beyond endowments from Bill and Barry, Hillary Rodham Clinton has a host of other of political assets that should make her formidable if not inevitable.


2016 will be like any other American election, apathy will be the loudest voice in the room. Nearly half (93 million) of American voters sat out the last presidential election.  Apathy is usually an ally of the Left where special pleaders and dependents are easier to control. Just ask Mitt Romney. If the Republicans put up two fat white guys against Hillary, husband Bill gets another run at White House interns for eight years.


First Black cannot hold a candle to first woman.  There are more women than African Americans in the US by a wide margin. Indeed, the ladies vote too, more so than men. Expect Hillary to don the burka of false modesty and insist that she isn’t running as a first or a woman. Nonetheless, her camp followers and media groupies will take up the flack slack and insure that no one forgets that it’s high time for Spanks, Spandex, and pastel pants suits on Pennsylvania Avenue.


You would be correct today to think of ovaries as the Clinton crown jewels. Even when William was President, there was little doubt about who had the bigger giblets.  Beyond rhetoric at the UN, Hillary doesn’t really have any feminist credits to speak of. Never mind.  Her genitals, like Obama’s melanin, are assets that do not require accomplishment. Indeed, Mrs. Clinton will probably try to out-macho the girly men on the Right. Hillary is already running East of John McCain when the subject is Russia or Putin. If any political stud dare raise his voice to Hillary, he will be pilloried by a fawning Press as a bully or misogynist thug.

Government Employees

You might like to think of federal, state, or municipal employees as civil servants, not political assets.   Unfortunately, phrases like “civil servant” are usually only half true. Government employees trend to the Left and politically correct. Take Washington, DC which has never had a Republican city council or mayor.  Federal bedroom communities of Maryland and northern Virginia are solidly on the Left too. The apparatchik demographic, including the Pentagon, at all levels is Hillary country.

The Academy

Beyond government, the schoolhouse and associated education bureaucracies might be the largest single service employer in the nation. Schooling or warehousing is big business. Never mind that coercion and education are mutually exclusive. Hard as it is to think of public education as a “service,” schools do provide custodial, if not patronage, sinecures in every community large or small.

Alas, American education ranks 26th in the world, below Estonia and Lichtenstein. On average, American custodials are two years behind Shanghai peers. The American classroom is now dead last among developed nations. The schoolhouse is at once the crucible of low information voters, under achievers, and a solid Liberal voting bloc. Mediocracy is the new meritocracy.


The oppressed class is another growth business. The victim or dependent demographic is now open-ended. Any citizen, who is not a heterosexual, white, male, making less than 50K a year, has victim potential. Indeed, if you see government as a kind of wet nurse, a provider of relief on demand, you are probably a victim. Victims do not believe in Uncle Sam anymore, but they are fond of plump nannies. A hover mother in the Oval Office is a perfect fit for the infantile demographic. The “more is never enough” and “bigger is better” crowd is all in for Mrs. Clinton.


If you seek to understand fringe America, just follow bimbo journalism. ABC’s Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer are examples. Walters twice featured a middle-aged teacher who slept with, then married, her 13 year-old student. Ms. Walters also uses her network pulpit to defend celebrities who molest or marry their children. Sawyer hosted a primetime piece also which celebrated Bruce Jenner’s gender (nee sexual) dysphoria. You can never have enough Kardashian. Such are the offerings of network news today. Only same sex marriage is likely to get more attention.

Alas, the LGBT community is a lot like PETA these days, selective yet militant activists. Mrs. Clinton abandoned a gay ambassador, Chris Stephens, to the tender mercies of jihad in Libya, the high point of her tenure at State.  Gay America, so sensitive to rights and real or imagined slights, was silent about an American diplomat executed as likely for being gay as for being American. Indeed, homosexuality is a capital offense midst 1.6 Muslims, yet the LGBT demographic is mute on the global Muslim variety of terminal homophobia.

Islamic ISIS throws gay men from tall buildings as we speak. Perhaps victim solidarity is more important than lethal Sharia.  LGBT and Muslim voters, albeit odd bedfellows, should go all the way for Hillary.


If you must put a selfie of your junk on the internet, you are a millennial or a musterbator.  The latter is a dystopic youngster, up to the age of fifty it appears, whose habits and social life, are more virtual than real. Adult gamers take a bow here. Internet addicts also feel compelled to join every social network and dating service that will have them. For the most part, the geek cohort is needy, seedy, reclusive, and greedy.


The mustabator sees no distinction between exposure and exhibitionism. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D, NY), husband to Huma Abedin, Hillary’s gal Friday, is an iconic if not chronic mustabator. The Weiner/Abedin demographic is likely to be Clintonista down to the last nerd.


Suggesting that radio, television, public broadcasting, Hollywood, and the Press might be in the tank again for the Clintons is redundant if not superfluous.  As with Obama, the so-called entertainment industry, nee mainstream media, is in it to win it for the Clintons. With 18 months of media makeover, Hillary might get elected -and canonized.

Girly Men

The big nuggets in Hillary’s political purse might be Republicans. Think about it. Leadership on the Right at the moment is spelled Boehner and McConnell. A Republican Congress did not, or will not, compel the former Secretary of State to come clean about Benghazi or her emails. Indeed, in her last appearance before the “boys club,” she bitch-slapped Jenkins Hill. Collectively, the male majority at the Capitol is afraid of Mrs. Clinton. How does any individual Republican girly man expect to whip Hillary in a 2016 cage match?





Christie in the Crosshairs

February 15, 2014

“My father was a statesman, I’m a political woman. My father was a saint. I’m not.”  – Indira Gandhi

The 2016 US Presidential Campaign is underway. Not underway officially of course, but interest groups and pundits are already taking sides and stirring the political pot. Presumptive front runners seem to be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and New Jersey governor Chris Christie for the Republicans. There are no third party spoilers on the horizon for the moment.

Two Media themes are evident to date; the lionizing of Hillary as a seasoned statesman and the demonization of Christy as a loud, rude, thug from New Jersey. Mitt Romney was portrayed as the insensitive, rich, business mogul in the 2012 campaign with effect. Seems Romney was way too genteel to win a Chicago street fight.

Hillary has few significant policy or program accomplishments to her credit. Her time at the Senate and the State Department seem to have been a kind of resume burnishing. “What does it matter?” might well be her campaign theme song.

Still, early opinion sees her as heir apparent; window dressing wife to a flawed ex-president and faithful handmaid to a weak sitting president. Never mind two unsuccessful wars, economic malaise, the healthcare fiasco, the PRISM meltdown, and the Benghazi blunders. None of the Obama bumbling has tarnished Hillary’s prospects on the Left – or the iconic status she enjoys with major Media outlets.

A Press corps which failed to hold the “first black” president accountable is unlikely to queer the chances for the first woman to hold the country’s highest office. Hillary’s genitals, like Obama’s African father, are likely to play a major role in the run-up to 2016. Sex, race, and social pandering are the threads from which a progressive campaign is woven these days.

Facts and accomplishments seldom matter as much as spin in any election. Hillary is clearly the front runner in the more crucial emotional contest. “First woman” cuts a wider emotional and demographic swath than “first African” American by any reckoning. The sensitivity sweet spot for 2016 will be the quest for another cultural milestone; a woman in the Oval Office. Hillary is the woman of the Left at the right moment. Her time is now – or never.

Surely, Mrs. Clinton has ridden Bill’s coat tails to the Senate and Cabinet. Nonetheless, if she goes for the brass ring, her opponent will not be running against Hilary; her opposite number will be running against a cultural “first,” a formidable challenge for any potential candidate. The only way Republicans might neutralize the gender edge would be to put a woman at the top on their ticket or nominate a stellar female second chair. Some gal without a pants suit or priapic spouse might offer a telling contrast.
The smartest Clinton move to date was to put Foggy Bottom in the rearview mirror. Hillary has three years now to burnish her image, cultivate the like-minded, and let any previous missteps fade from public memory. Any mess that Obama leaves will be difficult to pin on Hillary.

In contrast, Christie’s every public move and spoken word as governor will be sifted for ammunition for the next three years. The pot shots have already begun.

Traffic jams in Fort Lee are now national news. What’s Fort Lee you might ask? Fort Lee is the Jersey end of the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River. Traffic there is now big news, as is pork barrel arm twisting in any New Jersey borough populated by Democrats.

How does any of this compare with the Benghazi fiasco? Every New York bound commuter knows the crawl through Fort Lee. That same demographic probably couldn’t find Benghazi or Fallujah with a compass, a map, and GPS. American national security fiascos are background noise, sponsored traffic jams are real traumas in places like New Jersey and New York.

In many ways, Christie seems to be the perfect foil for Mrs. Clinton, caught as he is on the horns of the gender dilemma. If Christy swaggers at the national level as he does in Jersey, he will look like a bully. If he reinvents himself to look like a Romney clone, Hillary will ‘bravo’ slap him like a wimp. If performances before the Select Committees on Intelligence provide any evidence, male politicians have to change their knickers after any encounter with Hillary.

Sex in modern politics, like race, has advantages and immunities. Hillary should be better at dealing from the bottom of the gender deck than Obama plays race cards. Just as criticism of Obama is now dismissed as racism, surely any criticism of Mrs. Clinton will be portrayed as sexism or misogyny – by team Hillary and the Media.

If democrats are allowed to define the next presidential election as a “war on women,” instead of a “war of women,” a third term for the Clintons becomes a sure thing.

Facts never matter as much as emotions. In a world of girly men and manly women, Mrs. Clinton has a pant leg up. The black and minority vote was near unanimous for Barak Obama and he captured the lion’s share of ladies. When you add these groups to the overlapping dependent demographic, Hillary almost seems inevitable. Like 2012, Mrs. Clinton may emerge as the better of two poor choices.

And Republicans seem to have learned nothing from the last presidential election. They seem to be using the same playbook that led to the Romney defeat. Take the Robert Gates book tour as an example. Robert Gates, moderate Republican and former Secretary of Defense, is doing for Mrs. Clinton what Chris Christie did for Mister Obama just before the 2012 voting.

When Christie embraced Obama between hurricane Sandy and the 2012 election, that iconic moment allowed Obama to look bipartisan and presidential. Real world Obama might be the most divisive president of the 21st Century. Christie could have taken a federal hand-out and avoided that very public fawning, a moment that was sure to be more fungible for Obama than Romney – or Christie.

Now we see Bob Gates doing a similar favor for Hillary. Not just in the book, Duty, where Hillary is celebrated as a strong and effective on national security, but high praise is repeated for television audiences on the various chat shows whenever the Hillary presidential prospect is predictably discussed. Gates, like Christie, is too savvy not to know that such televised moments will be replayed like endorsements in the voting season. If we assume that Christie and Gates act from conviction, we might also assume that they believe that Democrats are putting up better candidates.

Democrats and other liberals should be celebrating conservative affection for the Second Amendment. Republican leaders, like no other political party, seem to have a generational propensity for self-inflicted wounds, shooting themselves in the foot.

Liberals and Democrats seem to understand modern politics better than Republicans and conservatives anyway. Truth for the Left is whatever advances the ball towards nirvana. Logic and morality, if they matter, are the servants of promises that cannot be kept. Alas, the average voter probably couldn’t spell syllogism or recognize a moral argument in any case. Political emotions talk while tedious facts just squawk. If an argument doesn’t touch an emotional G-Spot, the political message is likely to be lost.

Politics is also a zero-sum game, winners and losers. If you don’t win in modern democratic elections; facts, reason, and moralizing become so much posturing. Being right or ethical may be necessary, but it’s never sufficient. Only winners get to change or retool the rules.

A Clinton/Christie contest in 2016 is by no means a certainty; but, if such a match does occur, there’s a lot to be said for good political theater. Overstating the potential entertainment values in three face-to-face Clinton/Christie national debates is impossible – even this far out.

Images: Clinton and Christie


Bibi and the Barbarians

April 30, 2010

“Where hope is unchecked by any experience, it is likely that our optimism is extravagant.” – Charles S. Pierce

Barack Obama has yet to visit Israel, America’s only true ally in the Middle East. Nonetheless, the president is about to visit his third Muslim capital in a year. Without reading too much into Mr. Obama’s heritage or foreign travel priorities, it may be time to remind the president that Israel is a friend also; not simply the only true democracy in the Mid-East, but Tel Aviv is also a unique partner in an otherwise barbaric neighborhood.

Yes, barbaric! Let’s not mince words. Israel is surrounded on three sides by terrorists; Hezbollah, Fattah, and Hamas. These are groups who name buildings, streets, and squares after suicide bombers. Farther North, Israel is threatened with mind numbing regularity by Iran, the oxymoronic “Islamic republic” – a Shiite theocratic menace that minces no words either. Tehran’s threat to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” is soon to be underwritten by nuclear weapons with which the ayatollahs hope to take the irredentist mantel from inept Sunni Arabs. Indeed, Persia is poised to attempt to do what the Arab world, after many failed attempts, could not: sponsor the next Holocaust.

Against this darkening sky, the Obama White House sent a professional bridesmaid, Joe Biden, to Tel Aviv to jumpstart another oxymoron: the “proximity” talks. Proximity is one of those State Department euphemisms used to describe an adult version of “telephone;” party A talks to party B only through party C. Such charades are necessary because schizophrenic Palestinian Arabs are divided by two warring governing authorities; Fattah on the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza.

Do the math. Three players are in search of a “two state” solution. Israel must suffer this madness because the two Arab claimants can not speak with one voice. Vice President Biden, foot ready at the mouth, played the role of intermediary for a few days starting on 8 March in Tel Aviv. With such “partners,” no Israeli Prime Minister could be faulted for looking for the rabbit hole.

While Biden was trying to explain how three goes into two, some numbers of a different sort were tossed into the mix. The Israeli Interior Ministry announced that 1600 additional apartment units would be built in east Jerusalem. Before Air Force II could get its wheels up, Biden and Hilary Clinton launched a fusillade of brickbats at Israel; claiming among other things that the expansion of housing was an “insult” and a “slap in the face.”

You might think that Hilary would have a thicker skin by now. After all, during her husband’s administration, the priapic President was too preoccupied with a young intern in the Oval Office to notice the Taliban taking Kabul (Sept, 1996) for the first time; and Mullah Omar closing every girl’s school in that country. Afghanistan bled while Hilary’s husband dallied – until the Bush administration came along to reopen those schools. Now Mrs. Clinton, yet another “progressive” Secretary of State, finds her integrity under a stack of Jerusalem condo plans.

(Mrs. Clinton seems to be channeling Madeline Albright, her husband’s Secretary of State; hyper sensitive to Israeli behavior and insensate to the worst behaviors among Arabs and Muslims; behaviors that include genital mutilation, polygamy, child marriage, stoning, amputations, and a universal terror that targets civilians. Not all Muslims are terrorists, yet nearly every recent terrorist is a Muslim. When should we expect an apology from Islam?)

A pandering media was quick to pile on. First there was MSNBC’s Hardball host, Chris Mathews, suggesting that Jews were racists because President Obama doesn’t fare well in Israeli polls. Then Tom Friedman of The NY Times, never one to miss the opportunity to abuse an opportunity, resurrects the old canard about the omniscience of Israeli guilt. Paraphrasing Biden, he reports:

“What you (Israel) are doing here (building apartments) undermines the security of our (US) troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and endangers regional peace.”

Put aside for a moment the Vice President’s witless confirmation that US Special Forces are doing more than “training” the locals in Pakistan. Biden is using the contemporary rhetoric of anti-Semitism; whenever Muslims misbehave, somehow, somewhere there’s a Jewish connection or liability. Such “progressive” logic would have us believe that Israeli behavior, or American support for Israel, are central motives for Muslim atrocities, no matter where they occur. Such reasoning absolves the barbarians of moral hazard and validates a future of endless, no-fault terrorism.

We should recognize the warped Biden/Clinton and Mathews/Friedman moralizing for what it is: an obscene double standard that now typifies the distortions of the Muslim Right and the American Left. Their indignation is underwritten by the insidious presumption that Israel should put its national development on hold until inept Arab neighbors get their act together.

But, what about Bibi? Is the Israeli government trying to send a message to antagonists and apologists alike? Here, there is more than a little fertile ground for some informed speculation.

On the one hand, we could believe that the Israeli PM was ambushed by coalition partners to his right; religious conservatives who like to remind all takers that the status of Jerusalem is not negotiable. Fair enough. Under Palestinian control, the Temple Mount might be renamed the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed mosque. Now that would be a real insult!

Then there is the possibility that Netanyahu knew about the impending housing announcement and sought to use Biden’s token visit to underscore the certainty of Israeli policy – in contrast to the drift and dithering that passes for strategy in Washington.

And lastly, there is the camel in the tent. Maybe Bibi is laying down a marker, given the flaccid response of America and Europe to the likelihood of nuclear weapons among the Persians. Maybe the Israeli PM is telling the world that he will do what is necessary to insure the prosperity, comfort, and safety of his people. If this is Netanyahu’s purpose, then Joe and Hilary are just bicycle messengers. Bibi’s real audience is Barack Obama. Maybe the Israeli Prime Minister, like Thatcher did with Bush senior, is trying to put a little starch in Barry’s knickers – before the smoldering fuse in Iran becomes a catastrophic Mid-East explosion.

Of course, Binyamin Netanyahu has apologized for any real or imagined indignities that Joe Biden may have suffered while in Israel. But it is unlikely that the PM will change the housing or the strategic plan. A wise leader knows that, in the end, puerile manner is no substitute for prudent policy. The penalties for caution are much more severe than the amends of regret.