March 7, 2021

“Who cares where they died? They died.” – Andrew Cuomo

Everybody has a Covid-19 story these days.  

My tale begins in March 2020 when the Wuflu was new in America and Doctor Gucci (aka Fauci) was still ambivalent about those masks. Last Spring, you may recall, state governments like New York were paying lip service to social distancing. Concurrently, the NYC subway system was running Covid through the five boroughs on disinfectant-free express trains. At the same time, Governor Andrew Cuomo was flushing sick old folks out of Hospitals and back to nursing homes where agony, if not death, was a near certainty.

Image result for images cuomo family

Beds were at a faux premium back then.

Concurrently the Cuomo administration immunized the nursing home industry, a big Democrat campaign contributor, from wrongful death lawsuits. Today New York has the highest Covid death toll in America, mostly elderly, and mostly from the Big Apple, a liberal Democrat political sierra hotel (nee sinecure). New York State has nearly 50 thousand Covid deaths, mostly elderly.   

We have some vintage “friends,” my wife’s prep school chums to be precise, that now reside in New York City.  All are Visitation alumni, a high school adjacent to Georgetown University, in Washington, DC; one of the nation’s oldest Catholic girl’s school in America.  

Back in March, our New York friends, let’s call them the Hegiras, like many urban snowflakes, decamped from the Big Apple, and fled to less hazardous venues, like our fair city. Yes; husband, wife and two kids crossed three states to find refuge with a centenarian grandparent three blocks up the hill from us. Four untested New Yorkers, seeking refuge and “safety,” put their aging grandfather et al in harm’s way in Washington, DC after fleeing the Big Apple.

You should not be surprised to learn that all four are adult, lock-step liberals. The parents are pedagogues for the Ivy League, a family of four housed in a rent-controlled upper West Side apartment(s) owned by Columbia University. We should note that before decamping, the Hegiras sub-let the apartment that they were sub-letting. Sub-letting rent controlled apartments in NYC is every liberal’s favorite racket.

The Hegira daughter is a graduate of Brearley, the toney emporium of pre-pubescent white girl privilege in the Big Apple.

The wandering New Yorkers spent a good part of two month’s in Washington, DC on daily walks through our neighborhood, often regaling Beltway rubes with tales from the Big Apple, often chatting with my wife over the fence. One day they came by to recite the virtues of the Cuomo clan, as the “only adults in the room,” embellishing the argument with claims that they, like Cuomos, as academics, “followed the science.” One day I asked Hegira mom how four selfish cliff dwellers moving in with a vulnerable senior represented charity, compassion, common sense, or science.

The clan immediately rallied around mom, and insisted that mom was only trying to “protect” her family. With that, a “friendship” that had endured for half a century crashed and burned on the altar of candor.  My wife, in no way responsible for my insensitive question, was subsequently cancelled.

Today we know a lot more about geriatric genocide in New York than we did last Spring. Few dare call Andrew Coumo “the only adult” in the room anymore. Even CNN refuses to allow brother Chris (aka Fredo) to have Governor Andrew on for guest propaganda spots anymore.  Defending callous Covid policy, the Cuomo clan now has more blood on its hands than the entire American mafia since the turn of the 20th Century.

As a former Catholic, I have a personal theory about Cuomo’s moral reasoning. Never mind that, like most urbane thugs, Andrew is a liar, braggart, and bully. What I see in the Cuomo family is mafia logic, the reasoning of cafeteria Catholics, multiple-choice Christians. Our incumbent Pope, as an example, when asked about homosexual predation by Catholic priests responded: “who am I to judge?” White hats in Rome and red hats in America seem to agree, if you must abstain from women, what’s the problem with poking a few Alter boys?

Social mores or rules, surely the Commandments, are “choices” for many Catholics today, not mandates. A cafeteria Catholic gets to choose, as from a menu, the rules or laws he wants to follow. The rest is window dressing.

Hence “devout” (sic) Catholics like Joseph Robinette Bidden and Andrew Cuomo can rationalize abortion and euthanasia, and condemn capital punishment in the same breath. In practice, kill innocents whilst absolving the guilty, the worst among us – at taxpayer expense – for life.

Whilst the Cuomo clan was flying under the ethical and legal radar in New York, the American fourth Estate was busy blaming Donald Trump for the Covid carnage. Indeed, you had to read the NY Post, or a foreign tabloid like the Guardian, to get the truth, the forensic details about gubernatorial euthanasia up in the Big Apple.

Andrew Cuomo probably reasoned that those hospitalized elders had one foot in the grave anyway, so why not free up some beds for folks who might survive to vote.  Cuomo is the cynic’s edition of the banality of political evil. President Biden calls Cuomo the “gold standard” governor in Covid-19 leadership. Indeed, such a good performer that Hollywood literally gave Andrew Cuomo an Emmy this year for pandemic propaganda.

That’s how things are done in the Big Apple. After the carnage you “leave the gun and take the cannoli.”


The author was born in the Bronx, an erstwhile Catholic, schooled at three New York Catholic institutions, grade school through college. 


January 8, 2021

“Sin by silence makes cowards of men.” – Lincoln

Good people across America are wringing their hands over the 2020 presidential election results. Seventy million voters are a lot of political angst.

Worse still, many serious observers are challenging the legitimacy of the very process, indeed the polyglot of systems, manual and electronic, that are supposed to make a fair and democratic election possible. Apparently, entrenched urban Democrat political monopolies that sponsor systemic corruption were above reproach, scrutiny – or above the law in 2020.

President Trump made the best speech of his presidency the other day, detailing the widespread evidence of fraud and abuse. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, wrote a similar eloquent fact-based obituary for American democracy in the Washington Times.

Nevertheless, baring a gut check at the Justice Department or the Supreme Court, it appears Joe Biden will be inaugurated on 20 January. The high court was the last hope to expose or remedy urban (read Democrat Party) corruption, once a local, big city phenomenon now made possible, with a big tailwind, on a national scale.

The balance of power that the founding fathers sought with three branches of government is now in peril too. The highest court in the land, like many other American institutions, is now intimidated by a malignant, loud, and pyric American left.

Much of Washington, DC and other city centers are still cowering behind a burka of plywood on store fronts.

The deep state, Big Tech, partisan media, and urban voters have now, with the 2020 election, accomplished what various coup attempts since 2016 could not. By hook or crook, it seems that Donald J. Trump will be out of the White House come 20 January.

What is to be done?

America still has one more vote. She can vote with her feet.

Americans should come to Washington on 6 and 20 January, not to celebrate, but in civil protest of an administration that by any measure is predicated on several lawless premises, not the least of which is Biden family corruption.

The Trump family and administration players should vote with their feet too; walk away from the 2021 inaugural ceremony too, not as sore losers, but as patriots who need to make a serious and unambiguous statement about the Washington swamp and why it still needs to be drained.

Call it sour grapes if you will, but the Biden/Harris administration needs to know that back to the future is not a plan. Many Obama era coup grifters, Susan Rice is an ominous example, will be playing first string for Joe Biden.

The Trump administration rose above the radar to do the unprecedented in 2016. The exit strategy in January should be just as revolutionary. Any silent or passive acquiescence about the last four years would be an endorsement of the beginning of the end.

Go out, as you came in, with an unprecedented bang, President Trump! Lay down another historical marker.

Boycott the 2021 inauguration.

It’s the right thing to do.

(Published earlier this week in the NER Iconoclast.)




January 7, 2021


        “Everyone behaves badly – given the chance.” – Hemmingway

Civilian and military national security mandarins often find duty, honor, and country in the breach these days. 

Ambassador Jim Jeffrey admitted as much recently calling US troop numbers in Syria a “shell game.” If you read or saw media reports on the latest Pentagon sleight-of-hand, you might think deceiving the White House, the Congress, or the public is the exception rather than the rule.

In an earlier CENTCOM Syria scam, then commanding General Llyod Austin admitted to spending $500 million to train “four or five” anti-Assad freedom fighters. Then again, $500 million is chump change for Congress or the Pentagon. Austin is the Secretary of Defense in waiting for the Biden administration.

Army General Lloyd Austin III, commander of the US Central Command, speaks during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee March 8, 2016 in...

Mendacity at the Pentagon and Military Departments, especially about war, weapons, and politics is now standard operating procedure.

On the E-Ring it’s called “gaming the system.”


The candor deficit in Washington might be a modern legacy of size and money, an obese defense establishment in the wake of World War II. Size and transparency in Washington often exist in inverse proportions.

Recall, the invasion of Korea, for more than a few years, was called a “police action,” not a war. Subsequently, the truth about Vietnam was not manifest until a Beltway bandit at RAND Corporation blew the whistle.

The Pentagon Papers snuffed the light at the end of General Westmoreland’s tunnel.  

Daniel Ellsberg revealed that Robert McNamara and his generals attempted to rationalize Vietnam with fake numbers and fake measures of effectiveness. The omens of defeat were buried serially by Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon horse holders under mounds of meaningless data.

Cooking the truth continues today with the Islamic Wars, ongoing now for 50 years. 

The first Iraq war comes to mind. Recall then Secretary of State General Colin Powell and CIA Director George Tenet lied to the country and the world at the UN about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.”

In 2013, DNI General James Clapper, USAF, went before Congress to equivocate about universal NSA domestic surveillance as did General Keith Alexander, US Army, fibbing about the same program.  Obscenely expensive programs like PRISM are justified by the Islamist threat and then hidden from the taxpayer and all but a few of the usual Beltway suspects.

Another former NSA Director, General Mike Hayden, USAF, believed Edward Snowden’s cryptologic candor about PRISM was treasonous whilst Alexander’s and Clapper’s perjury on the same subject got a wink and a nod.

Since the 9/11 Saudi/Muslim attack on New York, Uncle Sam’s deep state has been butchering fiscal and constitutional integrity in the name of “terror” and national defense. 

Federal programs that can’t pass the smell test are routinely festooned with exotic code words and classifications in the name of security. Alas, keeping taxpayers in the dark is the singular security objective that transcends all foreign menace.

Protecting “sources and methods” in every-day practice is a caveat for “covering-your-ass.” CYA in Intelligence matters is not optional. It’s mandatory. 

The tone for any government agency is set at the top for good or ill. In a world where truth is a villain, any clever liar has nomenklatura or flag officer potential. Albeit, systemic universal deceit at home under a burka of national security is a little like recycling the Constitution to make toilet paper.

When asked about moral bankruptcy, a character in Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises was asked how he got there. He answered: “Two ways; gradually, then suddenly.” And so it goes today at the Pentagon, the FBI, and the Intelligence Community where big money talks and bravo sierra walks.

The American military, the US Army especially, has a vintage tradition of altering the present and the past. George Armstrong Custer is the iconic example. At Little Big Horn, Custer died as a lite colonel, but is buried at West Point as a flag officer, a Civil War brevet rank.

Custer was a victim of hubris and corporate stupidity long before Sitting Bull cancelled his commission.

The famed 7th Cavalry was not real cavalry either, rather more like horse-drawn infantry, that had to dismount to load and fire outdated Springfield single-shot carbines. The Cheyenne and Sioux at Little Big Horn fought from the saddle with the Henry repeating rifles – like true calvary. Custer left his margins of victory: good Intelligence, Gatling guns and artillery, in the rear too, compounding ego deficits.

 George Armstrong Custer

Custer was just the last chapter in generations of Indian War mythology, a history written by putative “victors.” Alas, the American Indian guerrilla was ultimately beaten after two centuries by disease, famine, poverty, and Manifest Destiny – not the US Army.

Withal, the generational Muslim wars of the 20th/21st Centuries are starting to look a lot like those 19th Century Indian wars. The difference between then and now is numbers and ideology. And today, we are no better at guerrilla wars abroad than we were at small wars at home in 19th Century Montana.

Our E-Ring brass seems to understand all of the science and none of the arts of war. The US Army, with rare exception, was confined to wooden forts in Indian country on the frontier for 200 years. How is that any different from the various “green (read safe) zones” that pockmark the Muslim world today?

The Jihad has 1.5 billion potential adherents worldwide and a common Islamic bond. The US Army will not be able to put Mohamed’s culture, or calvary, on an Oklahoma reservation.

If you ask a brass hats about military success today, they will argue about how bad things might get without small wars. What doesn’t happen is now a measure of effectiveness at DOD.

Victory is off the table.


The Saudi/Muslim 9/11 surprise attack on New York radically changed the threat matrix for the American national security community. Islamic terrorism and small wars came to dominate the rhetorical and funding agenda. Coincidentally, at the turn of this century, America was still dependent on Arab oil. 

Choosing between oil or justice has always been a no brainer for both American political parties.

To this day, only Shia state sponsors like Iran are held accountable. The Sunni Islamic majority, the actual authors of most terror and Islamist atrocity, still enjoy permanent petro-chemical and fiduciary immunities.

The global struggle with Islam is compounded by a long-standing religious rift. The Sunni/Shia schism is a classic, if not definitive, zero-sum religious war; no certain winners, yet a permanent potential for unlimited infidel and apostate casualties.

The allied Intelligence Community and DOD have now successfully parsed Sunni political Islam from terror too, creating a free fire zone for Jihad in Europe, South Asia, the Middle-East, and now North Africa. Inertia here is staggering. Islamic terror now justifies an unlimited DOD budget for a series of small wars that the Pentagon has no intention of winning.

Letting Muslims, especially state sponsors of Islamism, off the hook for political terror is a little like watching a replay of Nuremberg show trials where most German nationals and National Socialism got a pass from clueless allied Cold Warriors.

Political ideologies like National Socialism, Communism, and now Islamism matter because ideology motivates.

Indeed, the Sunni Jihad is about to succeed in Afghanistan after nearly a half century of American operational inertia. Alas, the next Taliban target in South Asia is probably the Islam bomb in Islamabad.

When Afghanistan falls again, Nuclear Pakistan is but one bullet away from regime change. Imagine a world where both Sunni and Shia Islamists have nuclear arsenals.


Taliban victory in Afghanistan is the step-child of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Ironically, both Americans and Russians were motivated by different, yet synergistic, illusions in South Asia. Moscow thought it was fighting Islamic subversives while America believed it was financing Mujahadeen, alleged anti-Soviet “freedom fighters.”

Moscow prudently bailed out of Kabul after ten years; while Washington, after a half century, clings to the Taliban tar pit, at this point a tactical and fiscal black hole.

We now hear that CIA “death squads” are back in business in Afghanistan, replaying a desperate tactic that didn’t work earlier in Vietnam. These teams, while nominally Afghan, are trained and led by ex-special force “contractors,” hired and paid by CIA. In such operations; secrecy, deception and deniability are wing men.

Former “freedom fighters,” the Mujahadeen of South Asia now thrive under names like Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS courtesy of CIA, DOD, and the American taxpayer.

Recall 1990 and Frank Fukuyama’s “end of history” when the old Soviet Union imploded whilst Europe and America still couldn’t take yes for an answer. As the Soviet Union disintegrated midst late 20th century succession turmoil in Russia, Washington and Brussels dismantled the old Warsaw Pact, Yugoslavia, and any chance of rapprochement with Moscow.

Pushing NATO to the new Russian frontier, absent a Warsaw Pact threat, was not just provocative: it was myopic on a cosmic scale. The fail in Europe was compounded by playing a bogus Russian card in domestic American politics, exposing the corruption and partisan politics at DOD, the Intelligence Community and at the Justice Department.  

Trust in federal institutions is now strategic road kill. Institutions like DOD, the FBI, and CIA are now, apparently, above reproach or accountability. What was once occasional CYA spin from a few apparatchiks is now a seditious, divisive Beltway culture.

Withal, given the advancing pincer of Islamic and Chinese imperialism, Russia would have made a far better ally than Mecca or Beijing on any day of a now perilous 21st Century.


Over the years, tactical “whack-a-mole” with Islam and operational roulette with Russians in Europe provided a plethora of strategic opportunities for the Chinese. Whilst Washington and the EU ignored or appeased the Islamist threat, and reinvented another pointless Cold War with Russia, Beijing made the most of American foreign policy folly – and cupidity.

Strategic myopia in Europe and America provides the Chinese with a bumper crop of low hanging fruit. Beijing is now selling Uncle Sam the rope with which America might be hung.

Literally, China now owns the global strategic initiative, if not the global market place. Ironically, Covid-19, a timely Chinese export, put the United States, already dependent on Chinese imports, into the worst economic and political tailspin in a century.

Conspiracy theorists will now feed off the Covid-19 import controversy for decades.

Key Judgements

China, not Russia, now owns: American retail, US debt, Silicon Valley et al, and at least one major American political party. The Beltway political demographic most likely to accommodate or please Beijing and Mecca is poised to get back to the future – back to business as usual before 2016.  

American foreign policy is now hostage to Chinese market Communism on the global left and Islamic theocracy on the global right. For those who still believe in candor or truth, it should be clear that domestic and foreign totalitarians are not just trending – they’re winning.

We are apt to dismiss deceit and fake news as inconsequential, especially after the cumulative consequences become strategic. Deception at home is a very expensive lie. Only fools support regimes or institutions that cannot be trusted.

Trust, after all, is truly the only indispensable domestic or foreign policy defense resource.

Published in January edition of the New English Review


November 7, 2020


Biden, Inc.: How 'Middle Class' Joe's family cashed in on the family name -  POLITICO Magazine

Delaware is not famous for much of anything except Dupont/Dow pollution, on-shore tax havens, and a lucrative toll gate on the I-95 Interstate. Delaware’s minor and opaque reputation may change as the Biden family corruption saga unfolds.

If you have any questions about the standing of the Biden family in Delaware, all you need to know is that the one interstate rest stop on the Delaware stretch of the thruway is named after Joe Biden. Delaware is the second smallest state in the union, yet has three toll roads exploiting north/south traffic through the busy east coast corridor.

The biggest employers in the state are government, education, banking, and chemicals/pharmaceuticals.

“More than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies, and 63% of the Fortune 500, are incorporated in Delaware. The state’s attractiveness as a corporate haven is largely because of its business-friendly corporation lawFranchise taxes on Delaware corporations supply about a fifth of the state’s revenue. Delaware ranks as the world’s most opaque jurisdiction on the Tax Justice Network‘s 2009 Financial Secrecy Index… there are more than a million registered corporations, meaning there are more corporations than people.”

Joe Biden has represented Delaware for nearly 50 years in the US Congress, but you would never know that by listening to a campaign speech. At the drop of a hat, Joe trots out his birth in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a place his family left when Joe was 10.

Delaware has 3 Electoral College votes. Pennsylvania has 20.

From the start, Biden’s career was cratered by utilitarian misfortune; a wife and child died in an auto accident and an eldest son died of cancer. All the while, Biden’s wayward second son, Hunter Biden, dragged the family name through the muck for decades. The tragedy of Biden’s life is real, but then again so are the pity parties.

A recent 60 Minutes election year side-by-side comparison of Biden and Trump is an example. A stuttering narrator was recruited by PBS to narrate the saga of Biden’s childhood trauma as a stutterer. You are led to believe that stuttering might be the explanation behind Joe’s history of gaffs, lies about schools/class rank, and other character flaws like plagiarism.

Like the Scranton yarns, Joe is not above retailing or using childhood stuttering and a sad family history to excuse missteps and bad judgement. Alas, we often hear about the trials and saints in Joe’s life, yet seldom hear about the demons and grifters.

Second son Hunter is a junkie cum drunk, a seven-time loser in rehab who bedded his brother’s wife before Beau was cold. Hunter was thrown out of the US Navy Reserve for drug abuse and he had to be forced to take a DNA test to acknowledge a child born of a relationship with a DC stripper.

Nevertheless, the drug addled lothario was a frequent flyer on Air Force Two, the golden chariot that led to recent Biden family riches.

Hunter was a principal in pay-to-play on a global scale. Recent electronic and documented evidence confirms years of scuttlebutt that suggested that Hunter Biden, and Uncle Jim, were trading and profiting on the “big guy’s” name and office.

Throughout, Joe claims that he knew nothing of any family pay-to-play hustles in Oman, Luxembourg, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, and China. The ignorance defense is an instant replay of Clinton family tactics; deny, deny, deny and when denials are no longer plausible, depend on deep state Democrat Party Beltway hacks to cover or come to the rescue.

Adam Schiff (D, California) obliged on cue the other day, calling the most recent corruption charges against the Bidens “Russian disinformation.”

Adding insult to our intelligence, Joe Biden, like a cathouse piano player claims that he will bring “honor and integrity” back to the Oval Office. Say what you will about pay-to-play on the left these days, the American Democrat party may have cornered the global market on chutzpah.

Withal, the Biden expose is, by any metric, a day late and a billion dollars short; at best a pyrrhic victory for critics. The Justice Department and the FBI have had the goods on Biden for some time, yet official Washington is still mute and inert.

Inertia at Justice is a symptom of a much larger problem; institutionalized federal double standards.

A Republican might be indicted by an ambiguous phone call whilst Democrats, like the Clintons and Bidens, get a pass on obvious felonies. Rest assured that nine of ten apparatchiks entrenched inside the Beltway are Democrat voters. Left wing fixtures in the Beltway swamp; at the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Justice Department, and the FBI may be systemic and permanent at this point. 

Alas, there may be some satisfaction to be had from truth if not justice.

We now know, thru electronic and testimonial evidence, that Biden and family have been trading on public office for years. More important is the realization that the attempted coup and impeachment of Donald Trump was an elaborate and persistent scheme to distract from Obama/Biden era regime change chicanery and corruption in eastern Europe.

Winning in 2020 and beating an attempted coup, however, are not Donald Trump’s serious sins. Trump’s mortal offense was his refusal to become a useful idiot like James Clapper or Barack Obama.

Consequently, tactics and operations usually reserved for black operations abroad were imported by deep state Democrats (James Comey and John Brennan) for domestic use in 2016 and continue to this day.

American print and broadcast media, erstwhile guardians of free speech, press, and truth, were also lost or compromised in the Obama years.

                        Not funny any more

Press and broadcast bias is now compounded by what Caroline Glick calls “The New Commissars,” those universally leftist mandarins who flourish, profit, and spin in an unregulated internet cesspool.

Big brother is now a very wealthy and influential cabal of left coast Twitter, Facebook, and Google Democrats.

The real tragedy of Donald Trump’s first term is that so many Americans still seem to believe that barkers and hustlers like Joe Biden are actually an improvement over grifters like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Suicidal stupidity on the American left now seems to be generational – and systemic.



September 29, 2020

Donald Trump might be the most controversial president since Abraham Lincoln.

The other day Trump compared himself to Lincoln in a civil rights context and ignited another media tantrum. Surely, Trump is no match for Lincoln’s lawyerly reticence or rhetorical eloquence. As for having the courage to fire arrogant or incompetent subordinates, Trump is more than Lincoln’s equal.

Trump/Lincoln parallels are coming into sharp relief as another presidential election looms. Like Lincoln, Trump has a civil war on his hands; and like Lincoln faces a second term might be more hazardous than the first.

President Trump has been besieged by domestic hate, much of it inspired by a hostile press, venal generals, and the Washington establishment from day one.

Like Trump, Lincoln was an outsider, a rural lawyer from Kentucky, reviled by capitol insiders including senior military officers. In Lincoln’s second run for the White House, Democrats selected the best failed Civil War general, George McClellan, as their standard bearer.

Alas, Lincoln’s electoral victory in 1864 against General McClellan was insured by 11 southern Democrat states whose electoral votes were rendered moot by secession. The 16th president only had to contend with the McClellan cabal and the Democrat Party.

The difference between then and now seems to be that today’s failed and embittered Vietnam era McClellans are more numerous.

Trump has to worry about insurgents in both political parties and disgruntled military mandarins like Clapper, Mattis, Hayden, McRaven, McChrystal, Stavridis, and Powell just to name a few of the most treacherous and politicized.

Lincoln had to contend with insurrections on both sides of the blue and grey divide before traitors delivered the coup de grace. In the end. John Wilkes Booth did what disloyal generals and a disgruntled Democrat Party could or would not do.

Then as now, bad losers usually inspire the worst behavior in their ideological camp followers. Today, senior seditious military malcontents slander the President, claiming that Trump belittled fallen US troops in Europe as “losers.”

If Trump said anything disparaging, he probably spoke of living generals not dead American heroes. The American high command hasn’t won a war since Douglas MacArthur had the Japanese General Staff taking a knee on the fantail of the USS Missouri. America might still have the best trained and equipped military in the world, but that force, poorly led since the Korean War, has been without a big win ever since.

The Pentagon has been mucking about with small wars in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast and South Asia since WW II leaving a global litter of failed states in its wake.

American generals have come to confuse rank with achievement where tenure is the new stand-in for victory.

The endless small war is now the only war.

This in a nutshell is the difference between Trump and his flag officers. The Commander-in-Chief believes in winning. The Pentagon is content with inertia. Indeed, the prevailing ethic under brass hats is that presidents and cabinet secretaries may come and go but the E-Ring nomenklatura, the deep state at the Pentagon, is perennial.

Apparently, Donald Trump’s strategic world view is “get in it to win it” – or get out. Trump also believes in “war by other means;” quietly negotiating a political deal, a peace, or dare we say, a victory.

Hard to argue with such crystal-clear common sense and strategic logic.

The fruits of bold leadership on such matters are now apparent in the Levant. Instead of using some establishment types to cut the Middle East Gordian Knot, Trump put his baby-faced son-in-law on point to bring home a big win.

Jared Kushner has done more for peace in the Levant recently than professional politicians and generals have done in the last fifty years.

Recall that erstwhile Obama era DNI, General James Clapper and CIA director, John Brennan, a self-styled Arab “expert,” predicted that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem would cause an “explosion.”

Explosion indeed. The Two-State chimera is now just a cloud of smoke.

Trump defied the experts, checkmating Persian and Shia terrorists by convincing Sunni Arabs to cancel the PLA/Hamas Palestinian veto on all things Israeli. Defying conventional wisdom, Trump has taken sides with Arabia, in effect creating a new alliance with the Sunni Islamic majority. Trump and Kushner have outflanked the toxic Shia Crescent, and secured a rolling recognition of Israel with neighboring Arab countries that really matter.

Even Tom Friedman at the NY Times, writing about the Abraham Accords, had to admit: “You get big change when the big players do the right things.”

The Palestinian blockade has been lifted now by using new ideas and real American leverage to end a long and ruinous half century of Jewish/Islamic wars and cultural stalemate.

The Jewish homeland, the Middle East, and America are now more secure.

The only national asset better than generals who win is an elected leader with the moxie to ignore the “experts” and naysayers and still bring home a win.

Abraham Lincoln had that virtue and so does Donald Trump.






September 5, 2020

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” – Nina Simone


Politics today is a study in cultural profanity.

Take the Black Lives Matter movement, an elective if there ever was one.

Recently, a group of 100 self-described black “leaders,” all male, lent their names to a petition that demanded Joe Biden (D) select a black woman as running mate for 2020. Needless to say, Biden took a knee before the mob. The only recognizable name midst the male petitioners was Sean J. Combs, aka Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, or P. Diddy.

Combs is a hip hop mogul cum rapper millionaire. Puffy is a real leader in the same sense that Jussie Smollett is a real victim.

The other 99 “men” on P-Diddy’s list are a mixed bag of rappers, obscure wannabees, with a spritz of jocks and bush league professionals. Brother number two, a Combs acolyte, calls himself  “Charlamagne Tha God (sic).” Never mind that the semi-literate list is all male. And never mind that rap and hip-hop culture is ripe with racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynist, vulgar, and profane thuggish memes.

Rap rhymes with crap, surely no accident of contemporary rhetoric.

The vocabulary of rap and hip hop says all you need to know about what black men think of their sisters.  Any steaming pile of rap doggerel might include such gems as; motherfuckah, cunt, tits, bitch, and ho (whore for the clueless). Only the “niggah” moniker has more currency than the terms of vulgar endearment used by Puffy’s cluster of baby daddies to describe their booty calls.

“Ludacris (aka Christopher Bridges) stakes claim to three of the top ten most misogynistic songs in our entire study (including the #1 song, “Ho”). “Ho“, which features 106 uses of the word ho, was included on the 2000 album Back For the First Time. To date, “Ho” has more than 2.4 million views on the Ludacris YouTube channel.”

Withal, the irony of any rapper posing as a Me-Too feminist supporting black or any other shade of women is a little like hearing a daycare pitch from Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. By any measure, 50 Cent is two bits short of a cretin.

Misogyny is the mother’s milk of child abuse and pedophilia on the street and in the hood. Adding insult to injury, a black American man, if he marries at all, is twice as likely to wed a white, Asian, or Hispanic woman rather than a “sistah.”

A punk might say “once you’ve had black, you can’t go back.” The truth is more like, “hit on white and get it right.” Alas, vulgar and profane sexist hypocrisy is still chump change.

The real tragedy is punk role models, the men who appear on the Diddy list, starting with Combs. Are these posers real men, real American “leaders,” the best that black America has to offer?

There are more than a few authentic role models who are notably absent from Sean’s list; names like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, J.C. Watts, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and Walter Williams. Any one of these real black men alone, just to name a few, is the equal of the Combs 100.

Surely no real leader or achiever would ever insist on a skin test for high office. If “black woman” is a mandate, then Ms. Harris, like Barack Obama, just becomes another forum for affirmative action jokes.

The monumental irony of all social justice movements since Martin Luther King’s day is the character of men who have been elevated as black role models. The bottom rail is now literally on top in music, sports, and culture.

The worst now set the tone for the rest in popular  American culture, black-on-black crime written in spades.

Black lives surely do not matter today, if morbidity statistics from abortion, single parent homes, homicides, drug overdoses and related ailments tell us anything.

One of two black babies never makes it out of the womb.

A black woman is five times as likely to abort as a white woman.  Since Roe vs. Wade, 19 million black children never got to grow up and march for justice. Eighty percent of abortion mills are in walking distance of a minority neighborhood. Some perceptive black politicians  know that Planned Parenthood is targeting minorities. Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, believed in eugenics, the culling of “inferior” humans. Abortion, not the police, is the leading cause of death among blacks in America today.

Black babies do not matter.

Black community pathologies have little to do with anybody’s privilege, the Klan, or rouge cops. BLM, like ANTIFA, is an excuse for black morons and white snowflakes to play the victim, riot not reason

More blacks will be killed by other blacks in a single month than white cops will kill in a decade. In Washington DC alone, five black children have been shot just since the 2020 BLM rampage began.

Adult black-on-black road kill nationwide has now spiked in every major city since BLM came along.

The most dangerous place for black women, or her children, today is a neighborhood governed by white liberals – and peopled with ignorant black men.

Black American lives do not matter to other blacks, especially black males in music and sports subcultures. Baby daddies are the rule now, husbands and fathers are rare birds. Seventy five percent of black children are born out of wedlock. Black culture has nearly extinguished the basic unit of any sane society, the two parent family.

“Hit it and quit it” is no longer just a punk stereotype; it’s a black urban cultural norm. African American lives will never matter until black American culture and black male leadership changes.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden had eight years to address the pity parties, hate, dependency, and self-loathing rampant in the hood. Most big city ghettoes then and now are governed by black and/or white liberal Democratic Party “leaders.” Now that the loony left is running for president again, the DNC campaign slogan could well be “mobs, not jobs.

BLM riots now enjoy an official Democrat Party imprimatur.

White privilege will never hold a candle to the violence, ignorance, vulgarity, indifference, and pathological stupidity that now torches urban sierra hotels across America.

Martin Luther King once identified three great evils; racism, poverty and war. Intelligent Americans need to ask what BLM activists and urban white liberals have done to address these evils since WW II.

The 2020 election is on track to be a rolling rampage no matter who wins. Again, in a replay of 1968, black American women and their children are sure to experience the worst of it.


PBS: Cooking the Books on Your Dime

September 2, 2020


“All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.” – Orwell


I am an equal opportunity political observer.

I watched or listened to both the Democrat and Republican national nominating conventions from gavel-to-gavel. Call me a masochist if you will, but truth today is a lot like tilling a vacant lot. You have to clear a lot of garbage and pull a lot of weeds before you can expect to see a turnip or a tomato.

If you followed the recent American political conventions, several things should be obvious. First, in spite of all the media posturing about the epic significance of 2020, mainstream convention coverage was AWOL. No matter.  After-the-fact, commercial network “coverage” is all opinion and spin anyway.

The only honest or true, gavel-to-gavel, coverage appeared at C-Span where all speakers spoke for themselves without interruption. C-Span, unlike PBS, has enough respect for voters to allow listeners and viewers to make their own judgements.

The other broadcast network which “claims” gavel-to-gavel coverage is Public Television. The contrast between PBS and C-Span is the perfect illustration of the difference between facts and political propaganda, real reporting and selective editing. Apparently, PBS doesn’t believe consumers can watch or listen without a WETA interpreter. With 2020, American public radio and television, like BBC, has become a government subsidized outlet for left-wing, if not extremist agit-prop and disinformation.

PBS, however, is still a true non-profit. Surely there is little to profit viewers or voters looking for impartial coverage or fair commentary.

My quadrennial torture began with the Democrats in mid-August watching Judy Woodruff and the big fail at WETA and Newshour.

Hot mess is the only fair assessment of WETA’s virtual performance with team DNC. Not only did Woodruff shred and butcher convention speakers, but she seemed to be channeling Sleepy Joe.

Judy didn’t seem to know where she was, what was on her screen or who was at the convention dais. She was confused and flummoxed throughout, not knowing who had spoken or about to speak, cutting in and out of presentations incoherently.

Absent production values, the supporting cast for Woodruff’s PBS fiasco was all opinion, a gaggle of the usual suspects; mainly three feminist lieutenants, and an editorial panel of effete Beltway castrati including Michael Beschloss.

Surely we can’t judge a book by its cover, but Woodruff’s contrived visual diversity, even after a face lift, is noteworthy. Her Me-Too girl power team now includes; a geriatric, a plus sized black, an anorexic millennial white snowflake right out of the Wizard of OZ, and a Rachel Maddow wannabe.

Television is still a visual medium. The look of hosts and reporters matters.

Woodruff, nearly 75, comes across as a confused vintage hippie harpy. To be sure, Judy’s left or liberal credentials are impeccable, a lifetime at CNN then CPB.

Would that news anchors on the left had term limits.

Yamiche Alcindor covers five demographics; plus sized, inexperienced, angry, rude, and black. An MSNBC veteran, Yamiche couldn’t be more of a stereotype for BLM or the angry anarchic left.

Surely Yamiche, however, fills the affirmative action box.

Lisa Desjardins, another acerbic CNN alumnus, looks and acts as she ought to be led by a host of flying monkeys, with a profile that comes into the view long before she does. If Judy needed a face lift, Lisa might consider a nose job. Desjardins comes across like a bird of prey. Unfair as it may be to notice, but TV is still a visual experience.

And finally, there’s desk deputy Amy Walter whose liberal bona fides include ABC, MSNBC, and a much publicized 2013 same sex marriage. Even with genital solidarity, team Woodruff has the kind of political and intellectual diversity you might expect to see at a distaff politburo meeting.

The male afterthoughts are worse, a cast of spinners that would make a yo-yo proud. Two regulars, Mark Shields and David Brooks are supposed to represent liberal and conservative viewpoints. Shields is yet another geriatric Democrat Party political hack who has become a liberal media fixture, having done time with CNN, the Washington Post, and now PBS.

David Brooks writes for the New York Times, doyen of 2020’s fake news and never-Trump polemics.

Brooks’ personal vitae is something short of a profile in courage. On the road to Anti-Trump Neocon, David dumped his party, religion of birth, and wife of 27 years for a research assistant young enough to be his daughter. Brooks is not in the Roman, Woody, Harvey, or Jeffery league, but he seems to have many of the same peculiar peccadillos.

If your wife and your Party can’t trust you, why should we? Brooks and Shields at PBS represent different perspectives at PBS in the same sense that potato and spud are different tubers.

As I watched the PBS circus mangle, interrupt, and try to spin the Democrat convention, I looked for another way, without  cable, to see how the Republicans would fare.

My wife offered a genius solution; listen to C-Span and watch a muted WETA. The results were astounding.

PBS blacked out or talked over some of the most interesting and engaging Republican speakers. In one session, Woodruff overrode two prominent Congress women and two distinguished veterans for 30 minutes of banal and biased commentary. Throughout, it was clear that WETA was going to limit, censor, or spin any Republican segments that might touch on inconvenient truths like abortion, Republican women, Trump Democrats, veterans, or Biden family shenanigans in Ukraine and China.

The arrogance of PBS condescending and patronizing spin is a hallmark of “non-profits” feeding at the taxpayer trough. Alas, the price to be paid for overkill is blowback.

After one Republican session I listened to the usual C-Span telephone post-show which features Democrat, Republican, and Independent call-in phone lines. The C-Span host took about 50 calls on all lines and only one caller was vaguely critical of the Republicans or President Trump.

Trump support among C-Span callers that night was virtually unanimous.

Omens matter. With allies like PBS, Bidden and Harris do not need enemies.










August 10, 2020

Most media outlets attribute civic upheaval in 2020 to historical social injustice or Donald Trump, or maybe both. Before the history of 2020 gets written in stone, let’s suggest an alternative explanation; the self-inflicted, state mandated Covid-19 economic shutdown.

Early hysteria and misinformation sponsored in part by never-Trump zealots, a Chinese cover-up, and TV doctors stampeded federal and municipal politicians into to an overreaction, a total economic shutdown, the consequences of which have yet to be assessed.

Indeed, when the final arithmetic is done, 2020 may be remembered for a medical panic and a snowflake revolution, a children’s crusade that kept America on its knees, a year when the adult population knelt before their clueless kids, begging forgiveness for white privilege.

The Covid-19 shutdown was perfect Petri dish for mob rule this year; Covid indifferent adolescents with no school, no jobs, and no restraints. The 2020 revolt unfolds against a blue screen of black and white radical politics.

No coincidence either then that so-called “protests” and “demonstrations” smell like weed. If you take a deep breath in Walla Walla you can smell Portland, Seattle, and pot on any zephyr blowing from the left coast.

Many of those rioting countrywide, burning and looting city centers, are furloughed students or unemployed youngsters who have nothing better to do. Government and media cheer leaders, many on paid vacations themselves courtesy of Covid-19, routinely brand the race riots and carnage of 2020 as “peaceful” protests.

If you cannot or will not go to school or work, why not use isolated injustice and cops as an excuse to loot at Wendy’s or Walmart or trash public monuments?  In addition to riot, looting, recreational arson, and vandalism; iconoclasm is now trending too among snowflakes nationwide.

Caroline Glick, like Sharyl Attkisson, often covers real news you will not see in the Post or Times, the antisemitism embedded in in BLM politics for example. And like the Holocaust, a poison pill likely to be ignored by most media shills until after the damage is done.

Cities are burning and monuments are falling whilst shell-shocked urban police and politicians take a knee. Antifa and ISIS are now soul mates in the public square.

So far the children’s crusade is winning.

Fortunately, for the moment, most of the criminal behavior is confined, to large American cities, liberal or Democrat Party sinecures. When America’s most dangerous cities are ranked, 18 off the top 20 are run by the American left.

The vultures of anarchy often feed on each other.

Where adolescent anarchy takes us is unclear at the moment. Kangaroo courts composed of kids with no sense of history or purpose are poor arbiters of social or any other kind of justice.

The majority of persistent 2020 rioters are white, one in six is black. Black snowflakes, however, if we can mix a metaphor, albeit a minority, are front and center in the 2020 juvenile justice crusade.

Black lives now matter so much that Jussie Smollett and Tawana Brawley, or at least their tactics, came off the bench to put NASCAR on its knees in Alabama. NASCAR’s only black driver has been using his number 43 Chevy, for BLM political propaganda from the start of the 2020 race season.

Prior to the recent Talladega Speedway event in Alabama, Bubba Wallace claimed that a hangman’s “noose” had been left in his team garage. With knee jerk solidarity, the rest of NASCAR’s racing teams helped push Bubba’s fake news Chevy out of the pits as a token of red neck solidarity against hate crime and racism.

A platoon of no fewer than 15 FBI agents were dispatched to Alabama to investigate Bubba’s “straight up” noose fraud. The FBI determined that the rope was actually a lanyard with a loop that had been in the garage long before the BLM circus came to Talladega. Bubba, in spite of an FBI report and video tape evidence, immediately doubled down with Don Lemon on the hate crime charade with the fake news mavens at CNN.

Turns out that no noose is not necessarily good news.

Poetic justice had the last word at Talladega. Bubba Wallace came in 13 cars short of a win. Prophetically, he ran out of gas. Someone needs to ask Bubba; if NASCAR is a “white” racist sport, what would you call the NBA or NFL?

Wallace and Smollett help to illuminate the divide between affluent black and affluent white snowflakes. The white activist is probably a yuppie brat motivated by guilt and a liberal narrative that requires reparations and humiliation, taking a knee in public for example. The young black activist is often a punk, or a chump like Wallace, who uses the racial crutch to rationalize riot and insure the racial cleft is the teat that keeps on giving.

Fake victims like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace don’t let facts or reality change their narratives. Both are affluent and successful, yet both still prefer to play the victim, play the race card even if that means manufacturing hate crimes. “Get whitey,” like get Trump, is now a national sport in the hood and in a toxic black American subculture.

So goes the black and white 2020 Snowflake Revolution. The blitz of associated fake news is unlikely to change between now and November.  Alas, we are now reminded of George Orwell’s memory hole where “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, and the lie became the truth.”

No wonder we can’t breathe anymore. A long hot summer is yet to come.


  1. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national security




June 22, 2020

I have always been more than a little ambiguous about about taking a knee. For me, genuflection or submission is something you do to express humility before an idea or tradition greater than yourself.

Kneeling in church captures the idea.

You might also hit you knees for first communion, or any devotional reason for that matter. Then there is the ring kissing meme before a bishop. Hard to keep your feet in the presence of a crosier or red hat, even on a bad day.

Many parish clerics today will hit their knees before any altar boy whilst bishops look the other way.  But that’s another story.

Some men take a knee in front of their favorite squeeze for several reasons. You might want to propose marriage, beg forgiveness, or just show her a good time.

You might also have to take a knee when your knighthood comes through and you become Sir What’s His Name or Lady Pop Tart. Knighthood is now the British equivalent of a daytime Emmy.

Politicians hit their knees for various reasons most of which cannot be discussed in polite company. Let’s just say that azimuth kissing could be an Olympic sport in most state capitals including the District of Columbia.

A chocolate nose is like a purple heart on Jenkins Hill.

Nancy Pelosi took a knee the other day for a photo op and then she couldn’t get up. She was genuflecting to BLM, not to be confused with the BVM, and had to be ratcheted to her feet by a black staffer. Some say the Catholic irony is often its own reward, but medical experts claim that too much Botox will make you top heavy too.

When your felonies catch up with you, and some Republican judge gives you five years; taking a knee in prison becomes a survival skill. Togetherness and man love, in concert, is the essence of community behind bars.

If the punk life was the good life on the outside, prison life is often a destination resort; three hots, a cot, and Bubba.

Before Colin Kaepernick came along, nobody took a knee during the national anthem. For most; we would stand, salute, put our hand over our heart or just fidget and mumble incoherently. The anthem is notoriously hard to remember, sign, or sing. Often we just smirked as some clueless celebrity missed all the high notes with aplomb.

The national anthem, not genuflection, might be the real reason folks are so touchy these days.

Bad music and violent sports have been fraying the American psyche for years. Female kick boxers, golfers, and NASCAR drivers take a bow here. Somehow, the Star Spangled Banner clashes with broken noses, split lips, gushing blood, grown men trying to brain spectators with golf balls, or 50 thousand crackers waving battle flags and screaming for a 200 MPH car wreck.

I have always believed that Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” is the more appropriate anthem to play before all American games. Not that self-abuse is the equivalent of professional sports per se; but let’s face it, playing with self is the all-time, all-American, virtual or default setting for any mob.

Hat tip to all those snowflakes still snuggling with Google in their parent’s basements across the land.

The NFL and NBA have now officially endorsed taking a knee before all televised performances. Such official servility is long overdue. It’s only fair. Where else but America could semi-literate, pierced, tramp stamped jock straps, become instant millionaires for handling large balls with finesse and skill?

Surely, taking a knee in private, or public, now signifies affection – or gratitude.

This not to imply that the NFL and the NBA are havens for the homoerotic or the equal of those plantations of yore. Surely modern servility has little to do with sugar, cotton, or manscaping – and everything to do with overpriced hot dogs, warm beer, and shoe endorsements.

What black kid doesn’t need a $200 pair of Colin’s sweat shop shoes with a NIKE swoosh?  A pair of used Air Jordan’s recently sold for $540K. Old shoes might be the new crack.

Soccer gets an honorable mention too.

“Futbol” is often a sugarless cookie or a lite beer, a kind of pointless mob scene. During and after the nil-nil match all the action usually occurs in the cheap seats anyway. Soccer is like the contemporary “polar bear hunt;” angry bored fans spending an afternoon looking for some clueless old white dude to knock out.

Let’s get back to Mister Kaepernick, the erstwhile NFL employee who gave us the stars and bars genuflection.  Methinks the NFL owes Mister Kaepernick an apology – and his old job back. Colin has all the qualifications for the NFL; he’s large, not too black, tagged like the A Train, not too well educated, not too bright, with no perspective, especially if the subject is history or role models.

Of course, a condition of reemployment might mean the Afro has to go. Given the NFL’s systemic and structural concern with brain damage, there’s no way that Kaepernick gets that new football safety helmet on over two years of hair growth.

So Colin, get a haircut and welcome back to prime time. We will all take a knee every Sunday until we expiate our white guilt, our “original sin” – or the NFL purges the few white guys that remain, whichever comes first.

Bon Soir Drew Bress. You’re next, Tom Brady.

If the NBA can be all black and not look back, the NFL is obviously on the right track. You may have lost a battle Colin, but you won the argument with all those rich white dudes who own the teams, stadiums, and the leagues.

An all-black gridiron is better than reparations. Eric Hoffer put it best: “Passionate hatred gives meaning to empty lives.”

Vote for mobs, not jobs, in November

This piece appeared in the 6/22/20 edition of American Thinker




June 9, 2020

A quintet of unmasked white tweens, oblivious to Covid social distancing, has been plastering our neighborhood with flyers. One reads “You are contributing to killing black people…do something you racist fucks.” Another reads “A man was lynched by police. What are you doing about it?” Another admonishes me to use my “white privilege” for “good.”

The specifics of good are not defined.

The vulgar vigilantes were dressed for virtue signaling, short shorts so tight you could read dimples and pimples. Somehow, the white trash look seems appropriate to the occasion and the lite white guilt.  After all, Snowflakes  across the land are having a meltdown.

In a more serious realm, Mac Market on MacArthur Blvd a few blocks away was trashed and looted last week too. Maybe that’s the “good” the girls seek. Such small stores are often owned by immigrant Korean families. Rodman’s, on Wisconsin Ave NW, another DC neighborhood institution, was hit too. Rodman’s is owned by a Jewish family.

DC 2020 is now officially a remake of DC 1968.

Ironically, the only major news outlet to editorialize on the Mac Market story was Tucker Carlson at FOX, a report for which he is excoriated right and left. The Washington Post, hometown liberal fish wrap, is largely mute on punks and race riots.

Any truth these days at the Post would be racist.

Tucker Carlson lives in the hood or he too might have ignored the Mac Market travesty too. The personal is inevitably political.

Withal, I was having hot flashes of déjà vu.

During the DC race riots of 1968, I was in Vietnam. History buffs might remember that ‘68 was a bumper year too; a year when Lyndon Johnson (D) resigned from a pyrrhic war that went on killing for another seven years. Whilst I was keeping my head down, and my giblets dry in the jungle, I got my stateside news from AFVN or Stars and Stripes.

I remember hearing or reading something about a joint called Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC that had survived the ’68 fire bombings unscathed because it had a kind of racial immunity, a “black owned” window sign – or an awesome chili dog. When I subsequently, some might say inevitably, came to the Pentagon for another hardship tour, Ben’s was already on my bucket list.

As a pot licker and amateur cook, I had to see what was special about the U street miracle. After three visits to Ben’s, I was certain that it wasn’t the food, a very ordinary selection of fried or grilled everything served with indifferent chili – and a side of diabetes.

The Ben’s legend was political. “Black owned 1968 survivor” was/is the real draw. The rest of DC, Asians and Jews in ’68 and today, were not so lucky.

Back in the day, I thought that the “black owned” sobriquet was ironic, if not inflammatory.

What was the message? If you have to riot, please burn whitey, not black Americans. Of course, we now know arsonists, black or white, are morons. Still, when America goes pyric or suicidal, it’s usually local vigilantes that torch the hood.

Nevertheless, the “black owned” tagging is still alive and well midst the smoke of 2020. Riot and arson have, however, had a rhetorical upgrade to “protest” or “demonstration” since 1968 if you read the Post.

Maybe that’s the “good” those adolescent crusaders are seeking. Hegel once said that “the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

And so it goes in 2020.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Metro Police have taken a knee before the mob, allowing “protestors” to smash, loot, and burn again. The president had to call in troops to secure the White House.

Slavery, segregation, apartied, and dependency sponsored by American liberals (nee Democrats), is now replaced by revenge racism, a meme that holds all non-blacks guilty by association, accountable for the historical sins of unspecified ancestors.  Would it be impolitic to mention, that our slave-holding antecedents were actually Englishmen, Spaniards, and Frenchmen for the most part.

Snowflakes now tell me that I am a racist too. Actually, I’m Hibernian on both sides.  Albeit, the Gaels might be fucks too, to be sure. Irish slavery was upgraded to feudalism in the 12th Century, a great real leap forward according to the English.

The “black-owned” prophylactic of 2020, alas, is of a piece with the “black lives matter” mantra, somehow  implying again that the property and lives of others do not matter – or at least, not as much as black property or lives.

American blacks were the victims of nearly a million violent crimes last year, mostly at the hands of blacks.

Fifty percent of American homicide victims nationally are blacks according to the FBI. If black lives mattered to blacks, the black body count (nearly 8,000 in 2018) wouldn’t be five times the rate for whites.

Apparently, BLM doesn’t really matter to other blacks, if crime stats tell us anything.

Do the math. Facts, arithmetic, and reason are terrible things to waste. Excuses are not explanations. Racism is no more an excuse for riot, or black bigotry, than “tough” policing is an excuse for the death of George Floyd.

Forget reparations. Revenge racism is the new structural or “systemic” social cancer. Guilty whites and angry blacks have found common ground. Selective identity morality is the future. Maybe that’s the “good” that snowflakes seek.

In the meantime it’s personal.

Mob justice and virtue signaling is trending and I may indeed be a fuck, but I resent the adjective “racist.” I am not responsible for the behavior of four white cops in Minneapolis any more than all blacks are responsible for Marion Barry, OJ Simpson, or Jussie Smollett.

Collective guilt isn’t any more of an argument than collective punishment. “Defunding” cops is not just stupid. If you live in DC, it might be suicidal – especially for blacks.

I don’t plan to take a knee before any race baiting mob either. I may have privileges, but “white” is not one of them. I was educated in a south Bronx orphanage, a minefield compounded by 18 years of Catholic schooling. I earned any privilege I have today.

Snowflakes are making the same spurious melanin arguments that Klan bigots always made. Grow up. When you get back to school; if you ever do, history, logic, and ethics should be mandatory.

Civic activism which promotes recidivist ideas and Orwellian solutions is the problem, not the solution.

(Murphy Donovan usually writes about the politics of national security.)