Trump Revolution 2016

February 24, 2016

The probability that any American political candidate will propose any “revolutionary” domestic reforms in 2016 is slim to none. Even means testing for entitlements is anathema across the American political spectrum.

Nonetheless, Bernie Sanders promises a “revolution” in November. What he really means, if elected, is more of the same, only bigger – more taxes, more spending, and more redistribution of other people’s money.American politicians of both parties posture, pander, and prosper on the supply side of entitlements. If there is to be real difference among 2016 candidates, variations are likely to be found mostly in foreign/military policy, not social programs.

Foreign policy is, and always has been, the existential consideration. Indeed, we could argue that it, and apathy on the right, defeated Mitt Romney in 2012. Recall that during the last series of party debates, whenever candidate Obama mentioned terror, war, or foreign policy, candidate Romney’s stock response was, ”me too.”

Of all prospects in 2016, only Donald Trump represents a clear departure from decades of foreign policy malpractice.
Beyond the bluster and bombast, Trump is substantially different on several existential issues: Israel, Islam, jihad, Russia, and immigration to name the most obvious. No small coincidence that all these hot buttons are related in important ways.

Trump prospects in 2016 are still iffy, but more than any other candidate, right or left, he has reset the foreign/military policy table.


Trump’s loud support for Israel is not without hiccups. Most American Jews identify with the Democrat Party and the American left. Nonetheless, Trump has been outspoken in siding with Likud policies and Israeli politicians like Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump is also outspoken in his criticism of Israel’s Shia and Sunni enemies alike. The Iran nuclear agreement and any “two state” Palestinian deal are unlikely to make any Trump “to do” list.

Trump likely sees Israel as the canary in the geo-strategic coal mine, the lone civilized democracy in a very bad Muslim neighborhood. Wither Israel, so goes the Mideast – and probably Europe. Compared to team Obama’s neglect, if not hostility, Trump’s Israel policy is likely to be a sea change.

And in the global propaganda war, Donald Trump is unlikely to allow State, CIA, DOD, or National Security Council apparatchiks to define what is or is not “Islamic.”

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any illusions about the politics of Islam and the host of related problems associated with toxic politicized religion: problems like terror, small wars, war crimes, human rights atrocities, and the 5th Column potential of so-called “migrants.” Most significant is Trump’s willingness to call a spade a spade. He actually uses words like “Islam” and “Muslim” to describe national security threats.

Trump’s candor infers that he believes that jihadist Islam knows why it fights, while America and Europe do not. The call to “make America great again” implies Trump believes that America has lost faith, preeminence, and a sense of purpose. Oblique as it may be, Mr. Trump’s political logic has become the lodestone for Yankee angst in 2016.


Withal, Trump’s take on those Muslim small wars is a mixed bag. He seems to think the Afghanistan tar baby was a good investment, but Iraq was a “disaster.” If fact, both ongoing theaters of war are American quagmires where progress is elusive and Muslim native “allies” do not fight – at least not fight well.

Trump is closer to truth on the handling of 9/11 where the Bush regime failed and then repatriated a host of likely Saudi Sunni culprits before an investigation could even begin. The 9/11 disaster was the worst warning failure since WWII and yet the then NSA chief, Michael Hayden, was promoted by President Bush in the wake of failure.

Rewarding tactical, operational, and strategic failure now seems to be an American national security meme. Trump made “you’re fired” the buzzwords of a decade. If he brings that ethic to office, fear and loathing amongst national security elites in Brussels and Washington is understandable.

Saudi Arabia and the Emirates still provide sanctuary, succor, and finance to the growing theofascist mutation that underwrites jihad, small wars, and Muslim terror worldwide. For the moment, America is allied with the worst of Islam: Iran, Arabia, Turkey, and Pakistan.

Given the American treasure and lives invested in liberating Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and now Syria; Trump’s suggestion to seize and hold ground wealth to pay for Muslim wars and counter terror operations is spot on. Oil and opium pay for mosques, madrassas, toxic ideology, and the swords of Islam. Fighting Islamic propaganda and petro-terror with Arab or Muslim oil money would be a brilliant, if not game changing, policy.

The Russian Air Force and the Kurdish army are now in the process of cutting the fiscal throats of a corrupt Turkish regime and the genocidal Islamic State. The Russian/Syrian/ Kurd coalition has done more damage to imperial Sunni Islam in a few months than the American mythic “60 state” coalition has done in 20 years.


American policy towards Israel, now Russia, is a kind of contemporary political penis envy. The West now resents decisive and successful leaders like Netanyahu and Putin simply because they are strong men with a clear vision of their national interests.

Europe and America, in contrast, have been captured by a generation of effete, dithering social democrats where emotional issues undermine security, achievement, and military success. Open borders is an example. Indeed, American and European weakness has made the modern, passive and aggressive, Muslim crusades possible. The West can’t say no to imperial Islam. And the jihadist wolf in Islamabad, Tehran, and Riyadh can’t say no to easy pickings either.

Muslim apologetics, compassionate intervention, regime change, and open borders are all symptoms of a West hijacked by clueless bleeding hearts in Brussels and Washington. Humanitarian intervention is a 21st Century oxymoron.

Donald Trump says he can do business with Vladimir Putin. We should hope so. The Obama Cold War over Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, or Syria is a policy driven by personal demonization not ground truth. Good relations with Russia are essential to any prospect of success in Eastern Europe, the Muslim world, or outer space for that matter.

Trump, unlike the Pentagon, does not consider Russia to be a major national security threat to NATO or America. Nonetheless, the chimera of an aggressive Kremlin today serves two purposes for both American political parties: military spending and a continuing excuse to change the subject, avoid confronting Shia and Sunni Islam as the global existential threats.


Muslim migration is one of two things; a humanitarian crisis or the second wave of imperial Islam, a cultural blitzkrieg. Neither Europe nor America can decide which. Impaled on a moral dilemma of its own making, Brussels and Washington have accepted open borders by default. Concurrently, there are few open borders in the Ummah. Trump says that unvetted Muslim immigration is an evolving disaster. If national sovereignty and national security are still virtues, he is correct.

A hiatus on Muslim immigration pending rigorous vetting and improved border control facilities is simple common sense. Acknowledged or not, the Islamic world is the nexus of modern global instability. Chaos, terror, sedition, and religious fascism are now Islam’s primary cultural exports.

The Ummah problem is both jihad and religious ideology. Islam is at war with the world, but only ayatollahs, imams, and gadflies like Netanyahu and Trump seem to acknowledge that reality.

Donald Trump often obscures intimations of policy with bombast, bad manners, and broad strokes. Fortunately, Trump is running for commander-in-chief, not Secretary of State. He defends the absence of specifics so as not to telegraph his punches. Indeed, the telegraphed punch has become a battle standard of hapless team Obama in the Levant and South Asia. If Trump does nothing else in 2016, his broad policy strokes may herald a pragmatic and much needed revolution in 21st Century American foreign/military affairs.

Often, the ship of state must come about before it can fire for effect. Policy wonks can wait for the details.


This essay appears in American Thinker.

Perfidious Turkey

December 5, 2015

On 25 November a Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter, allegedly flown by NATO Turkish pilots, shot down a Russian Sukhoi bomber over Syria. The Turks claimed that the SU-24 violated their airspace, apparently by a few kilometers – or seconds in flight time at most. The Turks claimed to have issued 10 warnings during an overflight which, if it occurred at all, could only have been brief. There’s no evidence that the Turk pilots were on Guard, or any radio frequency that would have allowed the Russians to hear warnings.

NATO and DOD had previously refused to collaborate with Moscow to deconflict air operations against Syrian jihadi and mujahedeen. Turk and American governments quickly claimed that Turkey has a right to defend its airspace, yet neither Washington nor Ankara could say from what. How Russian airstrikes in Syria threaten Turkey is not really much of a mystery. Russians were known to be bombing terrorist oil targets south of the Turk border – too effectively it seems.

The distance from Incirlick Air Base to Atakya is about 72 miles. That Turkish flight of US manufactured F-16s was very likely under USAF positive air control, airborne or ground based. And the idea that the Turks or Americans at Incirlik AB can’t identify an airborne SU-24 is equally ludicrous. This incident was pre-planned at worst or coordinated in the air at best. (Hat tip to Putin’s and Lavrov’s analysis.) DOD may not be able separate Muslim moderate from Islamic terrorist on the ground, but aircraft recognition or ID should be a no-brainer even for Air Force “professionals.”

The summary execution of a Russian pilot in his chute is testimony to the caliber and cowardice of US allies like Turkey and so-called Turkomen “moderate” rebels.

The NATO shoot down was one of two things, an unfortunate accident or a shot across Russia’s bow, indeed, a dangerous provocation. The evidence supports the latter. After all, the Russians are in Syria by invitation, the US and Turkey are not. Vladimir Putin characterized the incident as a “stab in the back” committed by “accomplices of terrorists.” The Russian president may be correct this time, on both counts.

Perfidy is the most likely explanation of the SU-24 incident, but incompetence might still be in the running. Ash Carter and his merry band of flaccid flags at the Pentagon are not having a winning season. A USAF AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan mistook a hospital for a Taliban headquarters recently. The operational incompetence that oft characterizes the fight in South Asia could be having echoes at joint base Incirlik.

When the American president says the Russians are bombing anti-Assad “moderates,” he fails to say that these groups are also the same arms merchants, human traffickers, and oil smugglers that finance the Islamic State. Indeed southern Turkey is a haven for Sunni terrorist training, arms depots, sanctuaries, and smuggled oil. Perfidious Turks are flushing Muslim immigrants West to Europe and flushing jihadi, arms, and oil dollars south to those “nefarious characters” in Syria and Iraq.

The truth about northern Syria today is that it is a multinational pig sty of Muslim opportunists most of whom will sell their gun to the highest bidder. In this neighborhood, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is correct again, “a terrorist is a terrorist.”

Northern Syria is where American desk bound dolts like John McCain and Hillary Clinton would like to establish a “no-fly” zone.

In effect, clueless politicians of two stripes are asking USAF to fly cover for every known Islamist vice including the financing of fascist ISIS. Both the Islamic State and Ankara hypocrites are benefiting from the black market oil bazaar now flourishing between Syria and Turkey. Murky oil trafficking by Turks is now on a par with the opium trade in Afghanistan, corrosive obscenities that team Kerry/Obama chose to ignore – or protect.

Ex-deputy chief of CIA, Michael Morell claims that USAF doesn’t bomb the Turkish/ISIS oil cartel because of Obama administration environmental angst. Morell, you may recall, was the Intelligence sycophant who fashioned the Benghazi cover up with Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Morell, now spinning news at CBS, is a walking, talking symptom of the Peter Principle at work in CIA in particular and the Intelligence Community writ large.

Note that the US led air campaign heretofore had not struck the ISIS oil racket or those northbound oil tankers before the Russian Air Force arrived in Syria. The shoot down of Ivan’s SU-24 was probably a not too subtle warning – or just a spasm of Erdogan/Obama pique.

The two most effective fighting forces in Syria are ISIS and the Kurds. Turkey fears that a Kurdish led victory over ISIS in Syria and Iraq will underwrite the legitimacy of Kurdistan. Alas, Turkey and ISIS interests on the ground are joined by perfidy.

Those Russian airstrikes expose the worst kept secret in Mesopotamia. As with Turkish air strikes against the Kurds, team Obama is content to ignore the ISIS/Ankara axis. Indeed, these days, Turkey is a NATO ally in the same sense that AIDS is the antidote to pneumonia.

By ignoring the Turkish Trojan horse, Washington and Brussels have traded NATO integrity, and an immigrant invasion, for base rights in a neo-Ottoman bordello. If the goal is to defeat ISIS or Islamism, Russia would make a more reliable wartime ally in NATO today than Turkey.

The only question left about the ongoing Brussels/Ankara unholy liaison is who is buggering whom?



Key words; Turkey, ISIS, jidad, Kurdistan, SU-24 shoot down, financing terrorism, Russia in Syria, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Michael Morell, Incirlik AB, and USAF.